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Christmas Concerts of the Past

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Christmas Concert

From “Elmer Primus and Family – by Myrle” excerpted from Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

Myrle was born in Glasgow, Montana U.S.A.  June 16, 1908.  Rouses came back three months later and went to Stettler until Myrle was six.  She went to Grade 1 in Stettler from August until Christmas.

There were only two things I remember.  I was in a Christmas concert and was so excited I forgot to start until someone nudged me; the teacher was making frantic motions for me to begin.  We all had candles.  I had to say, “Candles light the cottage small, shine upon the palace wall.”  Anyway, I was too busy watching everyone being moved from the centre of the hall.

The Assembly hall in the red brick school sand one and one-half feet that night, and never was used for a large crowd again as it was condemned.

From Elmer Primus and Family – by Merle” part 2.

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From “Elmer Primus and Family – by Myrle” part 2

Excerpted from Pioneers and Progress Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974.

Elmer began working for “Wong Loon Groceries” after school and on Saturdays.  They used to grind up about 40 pounds of coffee every Saturday morning, then package it.  The brown sugar came in hundred-pound jute bags.  It had to be packaged, also raisins, currants, beans, even cookies came in large boxes.

They had to unpack about 10 or 12 dozen eggs a week per farm family.  They were packed in chop or grain to keep them from breaking on the buggies or wagons.  A few had the large egg crates.  You brought one-pound prints of butter and with eggs, gave the farmer credit, with which he bought the other groceries he needed.  Many people would only buy butter or eggs that certain people had brought in.

Eddie Wong came out from China and had completed school there, so Elmer was asked to take him to school to learn English.  First, he had a desk at the back in Grade I, then each week he would move up a grade.  He mostly had to learn new ways of doing mathematics and the English language.  It didn’t take him long.

After completing his schooling Elmer decided he wanted to farm so he moved out with [his brother] Hillert and Hazel.

Every Friday and Saturday night for a year and a half he worked for George Darlow in the show hall as an apprentice in the projection room.  Everything was hand operated.  The hall was upstairs over the pool room.  Pat L’Hirondelle ran the engine to create electricity.  Then Mr. Darlow sold out; that finished that job.

People were just starting to drive cars so everyone wanted somewhere to go so they had good crowds.  The streets had many model “T” Fords and the hitching posts had teams and top buggies as well as the wagons etc.

Hillert moved to Open Valley District so Elmer batched for 10 years…. He trapped rats, hunted, sheared sheep, raised pigs and ran around.

Westling School 1903

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from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Westling School 1903


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Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association is very grateful for funding for our summer students. We are getting a lot of work done, and able to have the museum open all summer.

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Alix History: I.O.D.E; Maccabee Lodge

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This is a scan from a spirit master printed copy of an assignment fro grade 10 and 11 students.  The complete booklet may be seen at the museum.our littl town2

Country School Districts – Carroll

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The first settlers to arrive in the Carroll district were Mr. and Mrs. John Guss, and Elvey and Mandy;  Mr. and Mrs. Merrifield with Jesten and Ernest; and Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Jaeck.  The Carroll family came to settle in 1903. Other early family names  included Anderson, Bissett , Docherty , Papineau, Jaeck,  Sanderson,  Sundberg , Stothard and Walker. The first meeting to form the Carroll School District No. 1049 was held on June 18, 1904.  The Carroll community Club began in the 1930s, dissolved in 1944, then reorganized in 1951, when they bought the Carroll School building from the Stettler School Division.  It was then known as the Good Will Club, but in 1955 was incorporated under the name, Carroll Community Club.

A letter written by Charles Stothard in 1910 states, “I came to this country in 1893 and settled nine miles east of Lacombe.  I lived there for eleven years… and went back to Ontario.  I stayed in Ontario only two years.  That was enough for me there.  I tried Los Angeles, California…three years was enough and I came back to Sunny Alberta.  I have raised fourteen crops in Alberta and never lost a crop.  For stock this country cannot be beaten.”

(information from Pioneers & Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974)