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Alix Free Press Jan. 16, 1931

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Alix Whirlwinds Hockey Ads

“Red Head” ad and Local News from “The Alix Free Press and Mirror News Record” June 9, 1949

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Ads and Mirror News from the Alix Free Press Sept. 23, 1948

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Contents of Museum Scrapbook #4

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Scrapbook No. 4

Central Alberta Dairy Pool History

1963 Alix Dial Telephones

1910 Baseball Team

1905 Legislative Assembly

1942 – Alix Report

Won Lung (1961) 50 Years Ago In Alix

1953 Photos

Alix Ambulance


Content Bridge

Lisa Sergeant

Museum Board

Tall Spruce

Jim Gadsby

Community Hall

B. Parlby (Agriculture Hall of Fame)

Alix Gator

Keith Mann


Betty Burgh

Mushroom Plant

Westcan Malting (Rahr)

George and Lulu Bell Family

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From “George W. Bell – By B. Parlby”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

George W. Bell first came to Alberta from Austin, Texas, about 1900.  He ranched in the Hand Hills for about ten years before coming to Alix about 1910.

George Bell was manager of the Grand Hotel at the time that settlers were flooding into this country and in frequent need of a place to stay.  For a few years, the Bells left Alix for Edmonton, but returned south to farm in the Ripley District until they moved into Alix.

A keen sportsman, George Bell coached the famous Alix Baseball Team which won the Calgary Brewery Trophy in 1910.  His interest in sport did not wane with the passing years, and thirty-six years later, when the Alix Arena was built, Mr. Bell was one of the volunteers who put the sheeting on the high roof, clambering over it like a boy.  A year or two later, he learned to curl at over eighty years of age, playing lead on a rink with Humphrey, Bea, and Geoff Parlby.  He had longed to curl but previously had no opportunity.  He soon learned, and everyone cheered when his rock landed on the button.

Mrs. George Bell before her marriage was Lulu Mae Loughridge, a sister of Archie Loughridge.  She was always a very active member of the community, and is well remembered for her recitations at concerts and other entertainments.  She was a great worker in the U.F.W.A., in Ripley S.D., and in the Women’s Institute after the Bells moved to Alix. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Bell had a daughter, Bernice, who married Robert Riches, and a son, Fred, who married Nola Todd.  The Riches had two daughters, Valerie [and] Lucy Anne.

Fred Bell married Nola Todd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Todd of Alix.  The[y] …had two daughters, Victoria and Marion, and four sons, Norman, George, Leonard, and Garry.  Nola was very active in the Girl Guides, both as a Guide and as Captain.  Vicky … was Brown Owl for the Brownies.  Fred Bell was leader of the Alix Cubs for some years, and also very active in the Foresters Lodge.

George Bell passed away in the autumn of 1954, and Mrs. Bell on Feb. 9, 1972.  Since then, Bernice and Robert Riches have both passed away.  (written 1974)

from the MAC’75 – ’76 Yearbook

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From a yearbook in the museum’s collection”

1975 Graduating Class   and 1975-76 CWASAA Curling ChampionsScan_20180924 (2)Scan_20180924 (3)