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Brooker Family

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From “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brooker – by Stan Loughridge”

Gleanings from Pioneers and Progress ,Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974

The Brooker family. Including Frank, Matt, and a sister, came to Alix from Calgary.  Mrs. Brooker had a beautiful singing voice, and sang in choirs in Calgary. The daughter looked like Mary Pickford, as Stan remembers.

The boys had an orchestra, Frank on drums, Matt Brooker and Lawrence Petit on saxophones, Walter Lissack on cornet, Floyd Cockrall on piano.  They played all over, Delburne, Haynes, Clive and Alix.  It was a snappy orchestra, quite a band.

All three Brooker men were carpenters and did a lot of contract work.  It was amazing how fast the three of them could put up a house. 

Frank worked at the creamery hauling with the truck; he also worked with the poultry or eggs.  He married Hazel Ryle and they went to Lloydminster.  Matt married Mary “Bunty” Grey and he went to work for Fish and Game.

Stan tells of a time that Matt Brooker returned a hunting rifle to his Dad.  Matt had been careful to empty the gun, and on more than one occasion Stan had taken the gun down off the wall to show to his friends.  On this particular occasion there was a deafening roar, and a bullet that must have been lodged in the magazine Needless to say, everyone standing around was quite shaken, and glad no one suffered the fate of the rocker.blew the rocker off the rocking chair.