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Alix Residents of the Past (3)

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From “People of Alix – as suggested by Gordon and Flora Wilton” part 3

Gleanings after Pioneers and Progress. Alix=Clive Historical Club, 1981

Page, Floyd and Irene: The Pages owned the corner Drugstore, Floyd was a qualified druggist and Irene Page nee McBean was a nurse….

Peacock and Picard kept the general store on the corner in the late twenties and early thirties.  Later this became the Deen’s restaurant.  Wally Peacock was a god amateur carpenter and electrician.  The son’s name was Harvey.

Shepherd: Lee or “Dad” Shepherd was Mrs. Alex Bissett’s father.  He was a man of many parts.  He had been a member of the Royal North West Mounted Police in his younger days. While in Alix, he was by turns shoemaker and harness repair man, caretaker of the livery barn and town policeman.

Spelman, Harvey: Spelman bought the hardware from Bob Toepfer.  He was very tall and rather thin. At one time he had had his arm tattooed with his name, which was the fashion at the time. …

Sailor, Ted: Sailors lived for a few years on the old Tallman place a few miles west of Alix.  Their family consisted of two boys and two girls….

Woods, Wally: He was one of our most enthusiastic hockey players.  Wally married Irene Straub, who was our chief operator in the Telephone Office for many years.

Dr. Hart came to Alix about 1910.  He lived in the tall old house … on the north side of the railway tracks. Elmer Primus recalls Dr. Hart setting a broken leg for him….

Dweaks had a long underground mine with rails and a coal car for bringing the coal to the surface.  Three of the daughters, other girls remember at school, were Jessie, Loretta, and Dolly.

Prokopuk, Joe and Annie:  Joe came from the Ukraine.  Annie was born in Manitoba, a sister of Jake Pidherney.  Joe was a section foreman for the railway at Joffre.  Then he was transferred to Coghill where Annie passed away. Annie … did all kinds of fancy work, grew flowers and gardened industrially.  They had no children.

Zimmerman: The Zimmermans lived near the Free Methodist camp.  Mr. Zimmerman looked after the railway switch called “The Diamond” for years.  They had a large family of seven children:  Jay, Mandy, Vern, Fred, Sam, Jim, and Jennie. Jennie is now [1981] Mrs. Melvin Ripley, and she has three sons.  Some of the Zimmerman boys worked on the railway.

Wilton: During World War II the three brothers, Rex, Ray and Gordon were all in the services.  Duncan had an injury to one eye as a little boy which impaired his vision so that he could not join up.  Roy Pears and Cliff Brookhart joined up at the same time.

Brooker Family

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From “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brooker – by Stan Loughridge”

Gleanings from Pioneers and Progress ,Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974

The Brooker family. Including Frank, Matt, and a sister, came to Alix from Calgary.  Mrs. Brooker had a beautiful singing voice, and sang in choirs in Calgary. The daughter looked like Mary Pickford, as Stan remembers.

The boys had an orchestra, Frank on drums, Matt Brooker and Lawrence Petit on saxophones, Walter Lissack on cornet, Floyd Cockrall on piano.  They played all over, Delburne, Haynes, Clive and Alix.  It was a snappy orchestra, quite a band.

All three Brooker men were carpenters and did a lot of contract work.  It was amazing how fast the three of them could put up a house. 

Frank worked at the creamery hauling with the truck; he also worked with the poultry or eggs.  He married Hazel Ryle and they went to Lloydminster.  Matt married Mary “Bunty” Grey and he went to work for Fish and Game.

Stan tells of a time that Matt Brooker returned a hunting rifle to his Dad.  Matt had been careful to empty the gun, and on more than one occasion Stan had taken the gun down off the wall to show to his friends.  On this particular occasion there was a deafening roar, and a bullet that must have been lodged in the magazine Needless to say, everyone standing around was quite shaken, and glad no one suffered the fate of the rocker.blew the rocker off the rocking chair.

From “Fred McGonigal – W1/2 13-39-23-W4th”

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From “Fred McGonigal – W1/2 13-39-23-W4th”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Fred McGonigal had a hand in building a large percentage of the structures within a wide radius of Alix. He worked with his brother Glen, also Mr. Pemberton of Mirror and later with his sons Eldon and Willis.

The Mirror C.N.R station, Alix Arena, Alix Presbyterian (later United) Church, Nelson Hotel, the drug store in Alix {1974], grain elevators, houses, granaries, and countless other buildings carry his handiwork.

In 1904 he came from Michigan with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGonigal, who homesteaded in the Brookfield district.  His own homestead was in the St. Patrick school district. He worked on many buildings in those areas.  At the time of his marriage in 1913 to Esther Garrett, he was driving a team for Scorah and Nelson’s livery barn in Alix.

He later bought land from Mr. Marks the W1/2-13-39-23-W4th, which was originally C.P.R. land.  In 1919 the McGonigals traded residences with Bill Patrick and family of Alix.  Harold Patrick was born during the time the Patrick family was on the farm.  From 1923 to 1927 St. Elmo Sanderson and family occupied the place, and their daughter Audrey May was born during that period.

In 1927 Fred McGonigal and family moved to the farm and enlarged the house….

Around 1940 Mr. and Mrs. McGonigal moved to Alix and in 1945 built the house now occupied [1974] by Mr. and Mrs. J. McCuaig.  Their son, Willis, lived on the farm; he and his brother eldon did the farming and worked at carpentry with their father,  Eldon’s own farm was nearer town.

Carmen and Agnes (De Zutter) Ferguson and family lived in the house 1947-48, after Willis McGonigal became an elevator agent in Nevis.  Carmen worked at carpentry with the McGonigals.

Fred and Esther McGonigal had five children, namely: Verona, who married Noyce Boddy…Eldon who married Dorothy Dye…  Willis who married Doris Williams… Gwynneth who married Allan Johnson…Patricia who married Norman Sim….