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Woolgar Family

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From “Woolgar, Richard, NW-14-39-23 – by Marge Ludvigsson, as told by Sid Woolgar”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Richard Woolgar and his wife Ellen came from England to Alix in 1911.  He was in the plaster and stucco trade, and many are the buildings in a wide radius that carry his workmanship. At first they lived in town, above the then municipal office which is now [1974] Mrs. Vi Cowan’s apartment, and their daughters, Winnie and Betty, were born there. Charles Woolgar, a brother, had a blacksmith shop and the Massey Harris agency next door. In 1916 they moved to the Mansbridge farm, where Sidney was born,….[ten] to NW1/4-14-39-23-4 purchased from a W.L. Wright who went overseas and was killed….

In due course they attended Carradale School, and, as the road wound past their door, they sometimes got rides in the buggy with the schoolteacher, Miss Mary Sanderson from Alix.  When the road was changed to west of the C.N.R. tracks the family found it difficult to get out in wet or wintry weather.  Although the house was practically surrounded by sloughs, it was always a problem to get good drinking water.

Sometimes Sidney was kept from school to accompany his father on a job, and recalls that once during the ‘Thirties his father supplied all materials and applied them in Mirror at the rate of 38c per square yard.

Betty married Medley Rogers in 1937 and for a time they lived on the Horseshoe Ranch nearby, but later settled in Kelowna, B.C….

Winnie married William Rodgers in 1941 and they lived in “Uncle Bob Woolgar’s” place on the south east corner of NW1/4-36-39-23-4…. She succumbed to cancer in 1956, leaving a son, William, and a daughter, Ellen….

Richard Woolgar became a victim of the dust from lime used in his trade.  After suffering with silicosis for some little time he passed away in 1941….

In 1946 Sidney bought the “Mason place”, SE¼-14, kittycorner to his home quarter…. Around 1950 he bought the SW ¼ from Hil Primus, and on it built a new house….  Winnie’s son Billy spent much of his time with his grandmother and Uncle Sid. The original home quarter was sold to Harold Rogers in 1959, and of the remaining area that part east of the C.N.R. railway on the S1/2 – 14- was sold to Jim Robinson in 1959.

Alix Free Press and Mirror News Record June 9, 1949: ads W.E. Jennings Garage, Alix Ladies Wear, letter re: Blood Donor Clinic

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From “Fred McGonigal – W1/2 13-39-23-W4th”

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From “Fred McGonigal – W1/2 13-39-23-W4th”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Fred McGonigal had a hand in building a large percentage of the structures within a wide radius of Alix. He worked with his brother Glen, also Mr. Pemberton of Mirror and later with his sons Eldon and Willis.

The Mirror C.N.R station, Alix Arena, Alix Presbyterian (later United) Church, Nelson Hotel, the drug store in Alix {1974], grain elevators, houses, granaries, and countless other buildings carry his handiwork.

In 1904 he came from Michigan with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGonigal, who homesteaded in the Brookfield district.  His own homestead was in the St. Patrick school district. He worked on many buildings in those areas.  At the time of his marriage in 1913 to Esther Garrett, he was driving a team for Scorah and Nelson’s livery barn in Alix.

He later bought land from Mr. Marks the W1/2-13-39-23-W4th, which was originally C.P.R. land.  In 1919 the McGonigals traded residences with Bill Patrick and family of Alix.  Harold Patrick was born during the time the Patrick family was on the farm.  From 1923 to 1927 St. Elmo Sanderson and family occupied the place, and their daughter Audrey May was born during that period.

In 1927 Fred McGonigal and family moved to the farm and enlarged the house….

Around 1940 Mr. and Mrs. McGonigal moved to Alix and in 1945 built the house now occupied [1974] by Mr. and Mrs. J. McCuaig.  Their son, Willis, lived on the farm; he and his brother eldon did the farming and worked at carpentry with their father,  Eldon’s own farm was nearer town.

Carmen and Agnes (De Zutter) Ferguson and family lived in the house 1947-48, after Willis McGonigal became an elevator agent in Nevis.  Carmen worked at carpentry with the McGonigals.

Fred and Esther McGonigal had five children, namely: Verona, who married Noyce Boddy…Eldon who married Dorothy Dye…  Willis who married Doris Williams… Gwynneth who married Allan Johnson…Patricia who married Norman Sim….

AAAA Bingo ad and Alix Lockers ad from "The Alix Free Press and Mirror News Record" June 9, 1949

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Herbert Panrucker by B. Parlby

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From “Herbert Panrucker – by B. Parlby”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Herbert (Bert) Panrucker and his wife Adele (Dolly) came to Alix from Worchester, England, about 1907.  Herbert W. Panrucker started a general store in the hamlet of Alix in partnership with A.G. Holland.  Both husband and wife were very active in the community affairs of the growing village, especially St. Pancras Church, of which he was warden at the time of its dedication.  They were also active in the Masonic and Eastern Star lodges.

H.W. Panrucker was most generous with customers in his store.  Walter Parlby used to tell about the times when he went to pay his grocery bill in the fall after his cattle were sold.  Bert Panrucker would write out a receipt and then give him a pair of boots in appreciation.  Such was store-keeping in the second decade of this century.

Some years late H.W. Panrucker sold the store and bought the Allan Brothers farm as Rennie was rejoining his regiment overseas.  The Panrucker family went into the country to live, on the farm that is now [1974] owned by Ray and Harry McKibbon, (N.1/2 of Sec.6-23-40-W 4th.).

Herbert Panrucker – by B. ParlbyThe Panruckers had two daughters, Millicent and Gertruce.  Both were unusually clever musicians. Millicent was Gold Medallist in Piano, Alberta Ladies’ College, Edmonton.  Gertrude, who married James (jim) Russell, the Mirror lawyer, was organist in St. Monica’s Church for many years.

Community Store ad and Local News Column from “Alix Free Press and Mirror News Record’ June 9, 1949

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Central Alberta Dairy Pool

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Central Alberta Dairy Pool part 2

from “Some Memories of My Years in Alix, and Its People” by Alice Whitfield

Art Foster was the engineer in charge of the boiler room and machinery.  Bert Smith also worked there…. Around 1932 Poultry and eggs were added to the business, and in the fall turkeys were loaded onto the dray from the farm trucks or wagons.  They were piled as high as was possible and as many as would stay on. (Very sanitary delivery in those days!) Needless to say it was not unusual for a few to fall off and be spoiled in transit….  I remember Jack Pears, Frank Brooker, and Gene Deen driving the old team with the dray.

One of the girls doing the egg candling was Katie Walper, and you could find her in the dark room looking through the egg against a light to see if it was fresh or had a chicken in it. A lot of the eggs came in cracked, and they tried making what they called Melange from the cracked eggs by beating them and freezing the mixture, but it didn’t work out too well.  Another product was powdered buttermilk which did have a really good market while there was plenty of cream.

When the new mechanical printer was installed, Mary Deen took over and worked there for many years….  The creamery story wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Okey Lundberg, who came with his wife, Ruth, from Rimbey where he had been the manager. He was active in the Alix Athletic Association which was responsible for building the arena…. Ruth Lundberg served as 4-H Girls Club leader for a number of years….

This article is taken from Gleanings, (the follow-up book to Pioneers and Progress), Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1981. Both books are available for sale at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, Alix Public Library, andAlix Home Hardware.

Alix Free Press Jan. 16, 1931

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Alix Whirlwinds Hockey Ads

Calendars: Horse Shoe Brand Collars 1934 and Alix Livery Barn 1917

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