Our mission is to research, collect, preserve, interpret and display those objects which represent the history and culture of Alix and district from the time of is founding and onward.


The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association was developed in 1974. A registered, non-profit society that is over seen by a board of volunteers who are dedicated to the collection, preservation, research and exhibition of  Heritage Collections. Funded by personal and corporate donations, by Grants offered through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and, most importantly, by donations graciously given at the door.

Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is so named for the shape formed when one places the Village at the hub of the wheel then rim circles the historic region, and the spokes divide the heritage school districts.

Located on Main Street in the Village of Alix, in the Province of Alberta on Highway 12, east of Lacombe and west of Stettler.

We offer exhibits of pioneering life and pictorial history of Alix and surrounding area. Our more noted exhibits include Dr. Irene Parlby, The Todds, Central Alberta Dairy Pool, Women of Aspenland, Pioneer Living, Tools of Trades, Wildlife of Central Alberta, Early Churches, and Sports of the Settlers.

The front of our building is adorned with a Heritage Mural. Painted by Ray Bindr, it is a collection of images that represent the history you will find inside.

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