John Anthony and Margaret Jane Thomas (Carter) Family

In 1918 "Spanish" Flu, Alix, Alberta, Cattle, Horses, Pioneer Farming, School Teachers, Settlers, Stone School District on January 19, 2021 at 2:12 AM

From “Carter Story – By Lydia Carter”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

John Anthony Carter was born in England in 1849.  His wife, Margaret Jane Thomas (Carter) was born in Wales…. [T]hey shipped by train from North Dakota in 1900.  Their family was Orlando, born 1876; Francis b. 1877, d. when 18 years old; John Edward b. 1879; Charles b, 1881; Griffin b. 1884; Les b. 1886, Evan Earl b. 1889, d. February 1920 of the “Flu”; Les died a few days later of the same epidemic; Ira died when a small boy; Archie Oral, b. 1891; Laura Ann, b. 1893.

Before they left U.S.A., they drove by team from one state to another. One incident was – Jesse James stole one of their mares but left the colt.  She kept whinnying so much that they turned her loose, and she returned home.

Arriving in Alix they settled in the Stone district and built a log house.  Fred Stewart, years later took it down, log by log, and moved it.  A frame house was guilt in 1905. Les, Eve, Archie and Laura went to Stone School.  The teacher was Belle McLeod, later Mrs. Charles Stone…. Eve married Lydia Nelson Sept. 28, 1912. For the occasion they drove a team hitched to a democrat borrowed from the Larkin Bros. Myrtle Nielsen attended Lydia while Archie Carter was best man…. Reverend R. White married them in his home…. Eve had built a house that summer…. Previously, Eve had homesteaded north of Coronation and Orlando had homesteaded here, near Alix.  But they traded homesteads…. The Carters ranched, raising both horses and cattle.  The open range in eastern Alberta was plentiful so they raised their colts there, then drove them back to the Stone district to break and sell.  The Carter’s horse brand was EA on the right hip. Those horses were a wild lot….

The senior Carters moved to Coronation….

Eve and Lydia had three boys, Oral, Riley, and Dell….

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