David J. and Ethel M. Will

In Clive AB, Curling, Farming, Westling on January 13, 2021 at 8:59 AM

From “The David J. Will Story – by Ethel Carter (Will)

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

David J. Will was born in Delphos, Ohio in 1888 and came to Lacombe, Canada in 1912.  He had little money as he had his pocket picked in Chicago, on the way.  Mrs. Will, the former Ethel M. Healing, was born in England in 1893 and emigrated to Lacombe with her parents in 1907.  This was one of the coldest winters ever remembered.

I married Dave Will in 1916 and we farmed in the Lakeside district for a year and Crossfield one year and got hailed out after putting in 640 acres of grain, so we moved to Clive and bought a half section from Proctors which my husband broke up as there was but 60 acres cultivated.  My husband liked farming and worked very hard to clear the land.  We farmed for 48 years and then sold to Mr. Ackerman and built a house in Lacombe to retire.  In 1968 we moved back to our farm and rented most of the land to our son-in-law George Shackleton.  Then owing to health reasons we sold to M. C. Weber and came back to our home in Lacombe.  In 1964 while we were on a holiday in California, my husband and eldest daughter Helen were killed in a tragic accident when our car and a large truck collided as a result of its driver falling asleep.   My daughter’s husband and myself were badly injured.

We had two children, Helen (Mrs. Winter)… and Marjory (Mrs. George Shackleton)….

Many hard times were experienced during our first years of farming, but we enjoyed all and had splendid neighbours and many good times.  My husband was very fond of curling and travelling and he always kept cattle…. He was an ardent U.F.A. member.  Our children went to Westling School 2 1/2 miles on horseback, and many times their lunches were frozen, but thawed them out on the school’s old wood heater.

I 1970, I married Ray A. Carter, however he passed away in October 1971….

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