Peter John and Annie Wickenberg

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From “The Wickenbergs”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Peter John Wickenberg and his wife, the former Anie Westling, came by immigration train to Lacombe in 1898.  It was July 17th and upon their arrival it started to rain, and continued to do so for 7 weeks straight, during which time they built a house, which had no roof, during all the rain!  A large lake had formed this side of Lacombe, so finally they brought out their supplies by boat.  This house was to be first frame house built in the district.  The Monsons arrived shortly after and lived with them until their home was built.

The post office at this time was at Urquhart, so the Wickenbergs, settled where Noyce Boddy now lives, [1974] were close to mail delivery.  There were no phones or radios, but Erick Westling had a phonograph, and this delighted everyone.

Water wells were drilled using horse power and these same horses ground the grain in a grinder.  This grinder, and a first threshing machine were all shared by neighbours and relations, and owned on a partnership basis.

The Wickenbergs had seven children, Josie (Mrs. Modine), Rosie (Mrs. Haverstock), Johnny, Roy, Agnes, Molly (Mrs. Chuck Parsons) and Lily (Mrs. Frank Knight).  Agnes died at the age of seven from scarlet fever, and was the first to be buried at the Saron Lutheran Church cemetary…..

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