Alfred A.E. Batchelor

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From “Alfred A.E. Batchelor – by Eve Allan Keates”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

The Batchelor family came to Alix in 1939 and made many friends. Captain Alfred A.E. Batchelor was a veteran of both World Wars, and in his book mentions Alix’s first parade when ninety-seven men turned out for the military training program, which he was instrumental in organizing.  He had seen unprepared men in the First World War and was determined that something should be done once the Second war started.

On request of relatives and friends Captain Batchelor began a book, “Not For Gold”. An autobiography which sadly had to be completed by his family after his death in 1967.  He said as the Centennial Year was coming up he would like to express in some way his thankfulness for having had the privilege of living in Canada.  His book is dedicated to the youth of Canada….

One interesting and humorous note which I feel was typical of the Captain, “We have no family tree but my ancestry goes back as far as the next man’s and having no tree to brag about, we don’t know how many branches were sound and how many rotten.”  He managed with one arm for many years having lost the other in the First World War.  His friends and neighbours were amazed at the way he handled his horse, which he rode up until the day of his death, and undertook his daily farm chores using his hook and one arm.  In 1945 to Brunt Lake, then to Chilliwack, B.C….

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