The Waterman Story

In 1918 "Spanish" Flu, Alix, Alberta, Clive AB, Eclipse, Farming, Pioneer Medical Health, Settlers on October 15, 2020 at 8:57 AM

From “The Waterman Story- By Mrs. Margaret Waterman”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

I went west with my father, W.C. Henry, early in April, 1917.  Dad had bought a section of land in the Eclipse District, years before.  We arrived in Clive in pouring rain, and drove through a sea of mud, it seemed to me, out to the Fred Sissons farm, just half a mile from Dad’s place.  We had known the Fred Sissons at home in Thornton, Ontario where I was born … and I well remember we had to build a log road through the mud to the barn before we could get Dad’s horses home.  I had come straight from the Toronto General Hospital, in Toronto, and for a while I doubted my sanity for coming west at all.  Also, I was very lonely.  Soon, however, I was busy doing some nursing under very primitive conditions, I thought.  One of my first cases was with Dr. Montgomery, whom I learned to have great admiration for.  He was a very clever man.

I learned to ride and spent many hours inn the saddle roaming all over.  In June, I think it was, we went to a picnic or some such thing, and there I met Jack Waterman, and married him the following summer, and went to Alix. It was not long before the dreadful 1918 Flu’ broke out, and I was nursing again until I became ill myself.  Early in the following year Dad took me to Crossfield where my sister lived, and there Jean was born. Bill, Bob and the twins were born on the farm near Alix.  We later moved back to take over Dad’s farm in Eclipse, and it was there that Jack and Margaret were born. Two years later we all moved to Vancouver

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