J. A. Waterman

In Alix, Alberta, Eclipse, Pioneer Farming, School, Settlers, Trails on October 6, 2020 at 8:00 AM

From “The J. A. Waterman Story – (June 1971)”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

My people were of English descent …. I was born in Monaghan township, Peterboro County, Ontario.  I had public school education.  I had one little Scotch Grandmother who used to…  give me sound spankings, which I knew I had coming to me, owing to my insatiable curiosity about everything….

I came to Calgary in 1907.   There was no work there, so I went over to Kelowna … until February 1908, when I went back to Lethbridge.  While there, there came a terrible wind.  It made the gravel rattle on the windows like hail….

I went to Lacombe and on to Alix where I knew a man who helped me acquire a homestead, which another man had given up.  S.W. 6-40-23 West of the 4th meridian was the number and there was a small log cabin there, for which I paid a reasonable amount.  The main trail went through my quarter, which was six miles from Alix.

Carpenters were working for $1.00 per day.  I began to wonder how I was going to make a living. There were no roads and no schools.  However, I secured a tender for building a school and with the money I bought a team of horses and I was away.  The people around were a fine type.  They were honest and everyone helped each other….

Well, the years went by, about ten, and I was sick and tired of batching, so I met a girl. We seemed to be getting along pretty good, so we got married.  She was of Irish descent and had a wealth of beautiful bronze red hair.  We had five boys and two girls.  One boy, a twin, died at four years old. At present all these children are scattered from Ontario to Honolulu….

Comment by A.N.

Mr. Waterman was very shy about his accomplishments, he acquired a very large herd of cattle and several quarters of land.  The school he built was the Stanton school….

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