George and Myrtle Wilson

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From “George Wilson – by B. Parlby”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

George Wilson grew up in Victoria, B.C., where his parents and their family lived.  He came to the Alix district in the early Twenties, and married Myrtle Moore who had come north from the U.S.A.

The Wilsons lived on Old Dartmoor Ranch north of Alix for some years.  When the Walter Parlbys moved closer to town George undertook to buy a portion of the ranch containing the house.  He and his wife kept and milked dairy cows.  In addition, he raised a considerable herd of Suffolk sheep.  Unfortunately the depression of 1929 and the Thirties made it too difficult to make the payments.  The Wilsons gave up farming and moved to Mirror where George worked over twenty years for the C.N.R.

As a young man George Wilson worked with a veterinarian in Victoria and learned skills in doctoring animals which he used all the rest of his life.  Whether on the farm or in Mirror he was always greatly in demand to assist his neighbours in the care of their animals.  Floating or pulling horses’ teeth, treating a horse for colic, a cow for bloat, or helping a prize dog to give birth to pups, each to him was a job worth doing. … Kindly, generous, hardworking and humourous, George was a general favourite with his neighbours, especially on the threshing gangs when he and Len Siddons would make uproarious fun.

Myrtle Wilson worked hard in her role of farm wife, cooking, baking scrumptious pies, milking cows at chore time, as well as caring for their two children, Jean and Donald (Bud). After they moved to Mirror, she had time to garden, for she loved flowers….

Donald works [1974]] on the C.N.R.  He married Dorothy Heuman of Mirror and they have three sons, David…Douglas…and Dan.   Dorothy, their mother, is teacher librarian at Mirror School.

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