Robert Kerr

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From “Robert Kerr – By Edwin Vernon Kerr”

Pioneer and Progress,Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Robert Kerr filed on his homestead early in the year of 1905.  He chose the N.W. ¼ 20-39-21-W4th.   He built a log house 10 x 12 feet and had twelve acres of breaking done by Mr. Nelse Monson and Mr. John Sorum.  He also did some fencing before returning to Lulu Island or better known today as Richmond, B.C.

Mr. Kerr returned to Alberta and the homestead in March, 1906 bringing his wife and family of three, two boys and a girl.  Edwin being the eldest was nine years of age.  Ian was seven years old in April of that year.  Iva was three years old.  A fourth child was born in the spring of 1909, Ina May, but llived just a few months.

When the Kerrs reached here in March there was no snow and the ice was thick and clear on all the ponds.  The crops were good in the year of 1906 and Mr. Kerr Sr. went on to secure more land, some of which Ed owns today [1974]. The duck crop was also good.  The Sorum Bros., Jake, John, and Martin with Nelse Monson and Bob Kerr went duck hunting for a couple of hours one afternoon and got more ducks than you could shake a stick at.  Bob Kerr’s shot gun kicked so bad he had to stop at a neighbour’s barn for a sweatpad for his shoulders.  Mr. Kerr enlarged his house that year.  The Kerr homestead took in a hill of about thirty or forty acres which the Community used for a picnic grounds.

The South Buffalo Lake school district was formed in 1906.  The district secured a grant from the Provincial Government to build a school. The school was built by the Johnson Bros. of Content, Sid and Lyman, and completed in December.  School opened early in January 1907.  The first teacher was Miss Hyssop from Kingston, Ontario.  She, as well as quite a few of the other teachers boarded with Mrs. Kerr. The first pupils at the new school were Imer, Hilmer and Ester Sorum; Edward and Ian Kerr; Pete, Dave, Charles and Bror Loftstrand; Orvilla and Pearl Sorum. … [T]he following year … Miss Perdy came to teach.

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