W.B. Linklater

In Haynes, Hopedale, Railway on September 1, 2020 at 5:15 PM

From “W.B. Linklater Story  – by Ben Linklater”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

I was born in Hopedale School District, on what we called the Seal place. From the few days stay there, we went to what was home, the Cundiff place.  Then we moved to Haynes, where the folks built a house, 16 X 24 feet, three rooms downstairs, two rooms in the upper part.  Green lumber was used, and eventually the wind came in, along with rain and sunshine.

In 1939 the family moved to West Saunders, where Dad worked on the CNR Railway.  Marjorie, Kathleen and myself had to walk 2 ½ miles to school on the track to Alix.  One morning, on crossing a very large trestle, we got caught on it by the train, dog and all.  We managed to get onto a barrel, just in the nick of time.

In 1940 we moved back to Haynes.  I went to school at Hopedale until grade nine, then to Red Deer for grade ten.  I helped H. Waldron at harvest time – $1.00 a day to shovel grain in bins; and spent a lot of time at the Jack Dobinson farm.  After working on farms, at a blacksmith shop and driving truck, I apprenticed for a mechanic with Ben Gautier from January, 1951 to April, 1955.

… I met my wife, Margaret Randall.  On September 10th, 1955, we were married.  After a short stay in Lacombe, we moved to Haynes where we took over the garage from B. Gautier…. We have gone since into mixed farming, cat work, and contract land clearing.

From our marriage, we have three children: Bernice;…Allan;…Leslie;…and Keith , deceased in 1953.

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