Bill and Laurine Morris

In Alix, Alberta, Ferintosh, Lumber Yards, School, School Teachers on August 24, 2020 at 6:16 AM

From “Bill and Laurine Morris – By Laurine Morris”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

The Bill Morris family of four, Bill, Laurine, Jim and Oliver came to live in Alix in 1948 when Bill took over the management of the Alberta Lumber Co, Yard and Hardware (now [1974] known as Revelstoke Building Materials.)  Housing accommodation was scarce, and Bill boarded at ‘Pop’ Walper’s from March to September when an ancient four-room house (an old Alix jail converted) at 4919-52nd St., was for sale, and they bought it.  Through the years to date, August 1973, the Morrises have been remodelling and adding to the house….

Bill Morris was born in Wetaskiwin, in 1909, where his father, also Bill Morris, was the first manager of the Wetaskiwin creamery.  Bill’s father later became one of the founding partners in Independent Creameries…. After getting his Senior Matriculation in 1926-27, Bill attended the Camrose Normal School…. In 1945, Bill resigned from his High School teaching position at Bluffton, to apprentice for two years at Benalto….

Laurine Morris was born on a farm at Ferintosh in 1912 where her father, Rev. N.J. L. Bergen, had moved his large family from Edmonton that year….  Laurine … attended both rural and city schools. In 1928-29 at the age of sixteen she attended Camrose Normal School, and has since taught in the Parkland for over thirty years.

Sons, Jim and Oliver, got their Senior Matriculation in the Alix and Alix M.A.C. Schools respectively and all members of the family have attended the universities of Edmonton and Calgary for a dozen or more years collectively.

During a fifteen-year span of managing the Alberta Lumber Co. Yard at Alix, Bill was transferred to the Vegreville Yard in 1952, and after one year there was happy to return to Alix to resume his managership of the Co. Yard here.  In 1958, Bill joined the Alix teaching staff as a Grade eight classroom teacher.  The next year he was appointed Business Education teacher and continued in that capacity for fourteen years.  Laurine went on staff in 1954as a Grade one teacher and continued in that capacity for nineteen years….

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