Haney W.6-39-23 W4

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From “Leland Haney – S.W. 6-39-23 W4 by Erma Lakeman”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Leland Haney left home in Minnesota, U.S.A. and came to Canada to Haynes area.  He filed on the homestead on June 25, 1900 and received title March 19, 1906.

He and Miss Mary Thomas were married Nov. 14, 1904.  Later he sold the land and bought N.W. 6 from his mother.  After a few years of farming, he traded this land to Mr. Watson for land at Elma, Washington and returned to the U.S. A…. Mr. Haney was fond of music and played the violin for many house parties and dances in the early years.

From “S. Haney – N.W. 6-39-23-W4  By Erma Lakeman”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Haney filed on their homestead in July 1902.  They left Spruce Hill, Minnesota, and arrived at Lacombe in March, 1902.  They travelled by train, and shipped their livestock, machinery, and household effects by boxcar. They were met at the train by their son, Leland, who had come to Canada two years earlier.

They came to the Haynes area and lived with a bachelor neighbour, Al Hunter, until they built their own house.  They had eight children, two of them died before they left the U.S.  The others were: Byrd who returned to Minnesota the next year, Enos, Leland, Lillian (Mrs. Hunter), Bessie (Mrs. Morril), and Cecil (Mrs. P. Aldrich).

Mr. Haney hauled the mail from Lacombe to Content, and was kicked by a horse, while on a mail trip, three days later on Aug. 17, 1905.

Their sons finished proving up the land, and they received title in Dec. 1909.  Mrs. Haney sold the place to her son, Leland.

As a young girl Mrs. Haney taught school in the U.S.  She eloped with Sylvester, who was one of her students.  After his death, she married Mr. Sidney Smith, and lived in the village of Alix….

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