Irish – Scotch Bonspiel

In Clive AB, Curling, Entertainment, Haynes on August 2, 2020 at 10:29 AM


From “By Ken McLeod”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive History Club, 1974

Cecil Law, Ed Kenworthy, myself and whoever we could get to be skip, would enter as a team.  We never won any prizes, but we did manage to get quite a kick out of it.

One day Cecil came into the store where we were working.  Cecil was always quite jolly but this day he was really beaming, so we knew he had some kind of scheme up his sleeve….  He finally said, “…let’s put on an Irish – Scotch bonspiel.”…  I said, … I have four Scotch men picked already!” and I named them,

” Jim Scott as skip, Jim Grant as third, Mac Wilson as second, and I (Ken MacLeod) as lead.”

Out Cecil goes and I didn’t see him for about a week… when he comes in with a bigger smile than ever….

“Well,” he said, “Here is my team – Bob McKee as skip, Vin Duffy as third, Bob McCormack as second, Cecil Law as first….”

Well, the die was cast….  We chose the 25th of January for the Scotch game and the 17th of March for the Irish game…. Ted Elder … was a Pipe Major.  Asking Mr. Elder to play and getting his consent, I then asked Mis Rita Emmitt of Red Deer if she would come and do a few Scottish dances.  Miss Emmitt was teaching Highland dancing to a number of pupils in Clive….

The evening of January 25 arrived and we were all gathered in our store waiting for the time to go to the Curling Rink.. and we lined up to march … with Ted Elder and Rita Emmitt in the lead… next coming Jim Scott, Jim Grant, Mac Wilson and Myself, followed by all the children in town.  Arriving at the Curling Rink we were quite surprised to be greeted by our friendly foes, the Irish, with crossed brooms, making an arch over the door for our gang to march under.  March under we did- the pipes still playing- we marched around the waiting room and then down the centre of the ice on the walk that was there, and (good sports that they were) the Irish marched right behind us.

Finally the game started, and a real tight game it was, too. When things looked bad for us Pipe Major Elder would stir us on as only the pipes can, and we finally came out the winners….

When March 17 came around, this, of course, was Irish night and Cecil and Vin Duffy had decorated the waiting room with shamrocks.  I didn’t see any Leprechauns, but someone prepared a delightful lunch.  However, we won this game after a very hard-fought battle.

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