Haynes Post Office

In Bullocksville, Clive AB, Fountainstown, Haynes, Lignite, Mail, Pleasant Valley, Satinwood on July 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Haynes Post Office

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Early residents of the area picked up mail at various points, some of which were Bullocksville, operated by Billy Gray; Fountainstown, operated by J. Rice; Lacombe, and Pleasant Valley, operated by Mr. McLeish.

The first Haynes Post Office was started in 1900 by W.J. Morrical, on his farm.  He was married to Melissa Haynes, daughter of the first settler in the area, thus the name of Haynes.  In 1904 it was taken over by Mr. Reynolds, and in 1905 by W.B. Gilbert, who was also married to a Haynes daughter.  He kept it for four years, then turned it back to the government, and Harry Ross applied for it. In 1911, mail was sent to Currie post office, postmaster being G.N. Clark.

In 1912 Mr. George Ralston moved into Haynes proper from Lignite, and ran the post office for two years.  Then it was turned over to Mrs. Edith Rusk, who had been operating Currie post office in the Satinwood district.  She had four children.  In 1916 she married Algernon (Algy) Sage, who was a local blacksmith.  They had one daughter.  They operated the post office until 1927, during which time it burned down once (1923) and was rebuilt.

Mr. George Ralston, a bachelor, operated the post office in 1930-31.  Mrs. Edward Fawcett took over from 1932-37, and in 1937, Mrs. Celia Norquay became postmistress.  Some time after her takeover, she purchased the Albert Bredo house in Haynes, and moved the post office into it.  She operated the post office until 1965, when it was closed, and Haynes residents went on Rural Route No. 1, Clive.

Many local people, including Ed Hockin, Ken Thompson, John Thompson, Lorne Joslin and Alvin Maurer hauled mail from Clive to Haynes.  Our rural route mail carrier was Alvin Maurer until his passing, following which Mrs. Maurer has delivered the mail until this time. [1974]

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