From "Stanley and Georgina Bullivant – by Irene Timpe Estell"

In Alix, Alberta, Farming, Settlers, World War II on June 14, 2020 at 10:10 AM

(Bullivant, Tallents, Timpe)

From “Stanley and Georgina Bullivant – by Irene Timpe Estell”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Stanley Bullivant came to Canada about 1909 and settled on a homestead west of Alix.  Just one year later his wife-to-be, Georgina Tallents sailed from Norwich, England, on the S.S. “Canada” on April 7, 1910, coming to Gravenhurst, Ontario, where she lived for nearly two years.  In March 1912, Georgina came west to Calgary, Alberta, where she met and married Stanley, returning with him to establish a home on the farm at Alix.

One daughter, Marjorie, was born to them in 1913.  Too soon afterwards in April 1914, Stanley Bullivant passed away leaving his young wife alone with her baby daughter.  It must have been some comfort that Stanley’s brother, Tom Bullivant, had also come to Canada and was living on a small farm adjacent.  Also, in 1914, Georgina’s own brother, John (Jack) Tallents arrived from Retford, England, to help her on the farm until he joined up in 1916 and went overseas in World War I.  After the war ended, Jack returned to Alix in 1919.

In 1918 Georgina married Otto Timpe who joined her in managing the place.  Two sons and one daughter, George, Herbert, and Irene were added to the family.  All four children attended the Alix School for both their public and high school years.  Marjorie married and went to live in the U.S.A.  George went overseas in World War II and gave his life in defence of his country.  Irene married Paul Estell of Mirror…. Herb…lives with his wife and family in Saskatchewan.

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