from: Doctor Montgomery – by Molly Rice Nielsen"

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From “Doctor Montgomery – By Molly Rice Nielsen”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Doctor Montgomery came to the St. Patrick’s district in 1906 and settled on the N.W. Sec 16-Tp38-Rge24.  To that little pioneer district, he was neighbour, friend and Doctor, and was called to doctor people for miles around.  The knowledge of his skill was widespread.  People came by team to take him to the sick or brought the ailing ones to him.  Not only did he bring healing to that area, he brought culture.  He was a talented entertainer, and often sang at local concerts, where he always received a loud applause and encore.

Doctor Monty as he was locally called helped build the log church, later called St. Patrick’s, donated an acre or more for the building site and helped to maintain it.

When there w[ere] five Sundays in the month, there was church at St. Patrick’s.  It was attended by people from a distance as well as the local people.  In summer outdoor services were held.  The organ was taken from the Rice home by democrat to the church.  Mrs. James Rice played the organ.  Later the Doctor organized Sunday School and acted as superintendent.  He had a good influence on our lives, we never saw him angry or rough.

In 1919 there were enough children to have a school, and the church was used as a school too.

In 1920 during the flu epidemic the Doctor went to the Delburne district.  Before he left, he called at the school and asked the teacher if he could visit for awhile.  He said goodbye to each of us individually.  He told the teacher how hard the men had worked to build the log church that was used for school.  Several of the pupils had made the supreme sacrifice and rested in Flanders.  He hoped we would become good citizens and only then would their efforts be rewarding.  That evening, our mother said to us, “I don’t think we will see the Doctor again.” We didn’t, he died as he had lived trying to help others.

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