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Charlie and Ada Bucknell

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From “Chas. Bucknell Family”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Charlie Bucknell was born in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1870, and in 1896 He married Miss Ada Henshaw of New Providence, Iowa.  Having relatives and friends in the area, they came to Haynes in 1906.  To start with they lived in a log cabin on the Jack Phillips homestead, moving afterwards to several different locations, while buying the SW3 immediately east of Haynes, from the C.P.R. for $3.00 an acre, and building a house there.  Mrs. Bucknell took care of Mr. Phillips in his declining years.  The house burnt after a few years and was rebuilt around 1918 and the large barn which is still [1974] in good condition on the property was erected about that time. The location of the house on the road to Alix made it a popular overnite [sic] stopping place.  In the early years the Bucknells raised good Percheron horses as well as cattle, but like so many others they “lost their shirt” in the slump after the First World War.

Mrs. Bucknell was known as “Ada Charlie” to distinguish her from Mrs. Dick Bucknell, also an Ada.  She was a Quaker by faith who always lived by her high principles.  She had been a schoolteacher in her youth and did a lot towards getting the church going, then she taught Sunday School in the district for many years.  She had a hobby of photography in which she showed much skill, developing her own pictures in the early days. She organized the Haynes Ladies Club “for mothers of small children who don’t get out much” and was always a staunch supporter. Another of her many talents was that of veterinary medicine, using many recipes the Indians told her about.

Charlie was well known in the district as an eager participant in concerts and plays put on in the Hall, and for his aptness and wit as Master of Ceremonies at the early “do’s”.  He was a champion checker player, attending many tournaments and was very knowledgeable about baseball, travelling widely to umpire games.

Many teachers at the Hopedale School boarded with the Bucknells and one, Miss Eva Skuse, who later married Don Lonsberry who taught at Satinwood became a lifelong family friend.

The Bucknells adopted a son, Jay, and also helped to raise two granddaughters, Myra and Myrna….

Charlie and Ada celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1946.  In 1953 they sold the farm to Ted Elder, and retired to Blueberry Creek….

Grade 12 Class of 1960 Alix AB from Inkspot (Yearbook)

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A Partial History of Horseshoe Lake Ranch(e)

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From Research by Alix Clive Historical Club

His son Medley married Betty Woolgar...

Horseshoe Lake Ranch(e) by Mary Ainslie Jackson

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There was an ice house which was filled each year with ice...

Scouting in Haynes

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Haynes Boy Scout Troop

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

The troop was started in 1958 under the leadership of Haldon Waldron with Clive Baker and Ralph Rhodes as Assistant Scout Masters.  Dave Rodgers and Reverend Thackeray of the Lacombe troop also helped a great deal with the organization and took the boys to camp the first year.  Since then they boys have been to many places for summer camps and some of these are: Eagle Lake, Prairie Creek, Clearwater River and their favorite place at the Blackstone River.  They have taken part in various community activities such as church parades, Remembrance Day Parade in Alix, the R.C.M.P. parade in Red Deer and also contributing to the Haynes Community Hall Building Fund.  Travelling with the Lacombe boys in 1967, seven members of the troop went to Expo in Montreal.  Other activities include Camporees, bottle drives, talent programs, and other schemes to raise money for the group.  The Canadian Legion in Alix has always been very helpful to the group by donating funds for the Scouts.

In 1963, Ralph Rhodes retired and Robert Fraser was appointed as Assistant Scout Master.  After fifteen years of being a very active Scout group the leaders recall many happy memories thanks to the co-operation of an interested community minded Group Committee and all of the parents.  The Haynes Scout Group is looking forward to many more happy years. [1974]

from: Doctor Montgomery – by Molly Rice Nielsen"

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From “Doctor Montgomery – By Molly Rice Nielsen”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Doctor Montgomery came to the St. Patrick’s district in 1906 and settled on the N.W. Sec 16-Tp38-Rge24.  To that little pioneer district, he was neighbour, friend and Doctor, and was called to doctor people for miles around.  The knowledge of his skill was widespread.  People came by team to take him to the sick or brought the ailing ones to him.  Not only did he bring healing to that area, he brought culture.  He was a talented entertainer, and often sang at local concerts, where he always received a loud applause and encore.

Doctor Monty as he was locally called helped build the log church, later called St. Patrick’s, donated an acre or more for the building site and helped to maintain it.

When there w[ere] five Sundays in the month, there was church at St. Patrick’s.  It was attended by people from a distance as well as the local people.  In summer outdoor services were held.  The organ was taken from the Rice home by democrat to the church.  Mrs. James Rice played the organ.  Later the Doctor organized Sunday School and acted as superintendent.  He had a good influence on our lives, we never saw him angry or rough.

In 1919 there were enough children to have a school, and the church was used as a school too.

In 1920 during the flu epidemic the Doctor went to the Delburne district.  Before he left, he called at the school and asked the teacher if he could visit for awhile.  He said goodbye to each of us individually.  He told the teacher how hard the men had worked to build the log church that was used for school.  Several of the pupils had made the supreme sacrifice and rested in Flanders.  He hoped we would become good citizens and only then would their efforts be rewarding.  That evening, our mother said to us, “I don’t think we will see the Doctor again.” We didn’t, he died as he had lived trying to help others.

From "Stanley and Georgina Bullivant – by Irene Timpe Estell"

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(Bullivant, Tallents, Timpe)

From “Stanley and Georgina Bullivant – by Irene Timpe Estell”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Stanley Bullivant came to Canada about 1909 and settled on a homestead west of Alix.  Just one year later his wife-to-be, Georgina Tallents sailed from Norwich, England, on the S.S. “Canada” on April 7, 1910, coming to Gravenhurst, Ontario, where she lived for nearly two years.  In March 1912, Georgina came west to Calgary, Alberta, where she met and married Stanley, returning with him to establish a home on the farm at Alix.

One daughter, Marjorie, was born to them in 1913.  Too soon afterwards in April 1914, Stanley Bullivant passed away leaving his young wife alone with her baby daughter.  It must have been some comfort that Stanley’s brother, Tom Bullivant, had also come to Canada and was living on a small farm adjacent.  Also, in 1914, Georgina’s own brother, John (Jack) Tallents arrived from Retford, England, to help her on the farm until he joined up in 1916 and went overseas in World War I.  After the war ended, Jack returned to Alix in 1919.

In 1918 Georgina married Otto Timpe who joined her in managing the place.  Two sons and one daughter, George, Herbert, and Irene were added to the family.  All four children attended the Alix School for both their public and high school years.  Marjorie married and went to live in the U.S.A.  George went overseas in World War II and gave his life in defence of his country.  Irene married Paul Estell of Mirror…. Herb…lives with his wife and family in Saskatchewan.

from “Gordon Handley”

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From “Gordon Handley”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

J.T. Handley and family came from Oston, Ontario in the early 1900’s, homesteading on the Oro farm. Their son Robert Handley married Lorena Thomas. They have two children, Gordon and Mildred.  Shortly after they were married, he went to Edmonton to study for the United Church Ministry.  He was the first United Church minister in Bashaw in 1913. 

 Mildred the oldest was born in the Bashaw Parsonage.  Later Robert was called to Bowden…their son Gordon was born in this Parsonage, at Bowden. Robert then enlisted in the R.C.A.F. as a pilot, moving his family to Toronto while he was stationed at Camp Borden.  Lorena and family returned to Clive district, settling on the Roy Thomas farm.  Mildred married Dan Hudkins and they have one son Norman.

Gordon married Dorothy Bennett of Mirror in 1939.  Gordon as a youth fixed clocks and watches….gifted as a jack of all trades…. He worked with Dick Neilson in Neilson’s ….. [and later] took over the garage formerly owned by Harold Summerville.

From The Alix Free Press and Mirror News Record June 9, 1949

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