Woolgar Family

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From “Woolgar, Richard, NW-14-39-23 – by Marge Ludvigsson, as told by Sid Woolgar”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Richard Woolgar and his wife Ellen came from England to Alix in 1911.  He was in the plaster and stucco trade, and many are the buildings in a wide radius that carry his workmanship. At first they lived in town, above the then municipal office which is now [1974] Mrs. Vi Cowan’s apartment, and their daughters, Winnie and Betty, were born there. Charles Woolgar, a brother, had a blacksmith shop and the Massey Harris agency next door. In 1916 they moved to the Mansbridge farm, where Sidney was born,….[ten] to NW1/4-14-39-23-4 purchased from a W.L. Wright who went overseas and was killed….

In due course they attended Carradale School, and, as the road wound past their door, they sometimes got rides in the buggy with the schoolteacher, Miss Mary Sanderson from Alix.  When the road was changed to west of the C.N.R. tracks the family found it difficult to get out in wet or wintry weather.  Although the house was practically surrounded by sloughs, it was always a problem to get good drinking water.

Sometimes Sidney was kept from school to accompany his father on a job, and recalls that once during the ‘Thirties his father supplied all materials and applied them in Mirror at the rate of 38c per square yard.

Betty married Medley Rogers in 1937 and for a time they lived on the Horseshoe Ranch nearby, but later settled in Kelowna, B.C….

Winnie married William Rodgers in 1941 and they lived in “Uncle Bob Woolgar’s” place on the south east corner of NW1/4-36-39-23-4…. She succumbed to cancer in 1956, leaving a son, William, and a daughter, Ellen….

Richard Woolgar became a victim of the dust from lime used in his trade.  After suffering with silicosis for some little time he passed away in 1941….

In 1946 Sidney bought the “Mason place”, SE¼-14, kittycorner to his home quarter…. Around 1950 he bought the SW ¼ from Hil Primus, and on it built a new house….  Winnie’s son Billy spent much of his time with his grandmother and Uncle Sid. The original home quarter was sold to Harold Rogers in 1959, and of the remaining area that part east of the C.N.R. railway on the S1/2 – 14- was sold to Jim Robinson in 1959.

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