Aden Joslin Charlie Joslin

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From “Aden Joslin”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Aden Joslin came to this country before the turn of the century homesteading the quarter of land where John Bell now [1974] lives.  While improving on it they ran a stopping house just east of where Pleasant Valley Service stands on the old Buffalo Lake Trail (highway 12), reported to have been the only one between Lacombe and Buffalo Lake.  This man had two sons – Guy and Vernon.  Guy homesteaded the quarter of land east of his father’s, died a young man and is buried in Lacombe Cemetery.  Vernon homesteaded the quarter of land which is now the south east portion of Clive and farm of Stu Graden.  Vernon Street was named for this man.  He and his wife lived in a log house close to where the old brick school was built in 1912.  Aden and his son both returned to the States before 1920 taking with them the youngest Short boy as his mother had died.

Charlie Joslin

Following in the footsteps of brother Aden, this man and his family came from Huntley, Nebraska, in September of 1900 on a settlers train along with the families of Ernie Short and Fred Fisher to take homesteads in the Clive area.  Charlie took his homestead a half mile south of Aden and started a new life for himself, his wife (the former Beulah Cramer) and two sons – Earl and Roy, aged 9 and 7.  A third son, Charlie, was born on the homestead.  Charlie Sr. hauled freight between Lacombe and Stettler during which time a ferry operated on the flat east of Lacombe.  In the mid twenties they sold this place and built a home just south of the old brick school.  They lived here until 1928 when they returned to the States (Olympia, Washington), taking Charles with them.  (Earl and Roy stayed having established homes of their own by this time.)

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