from “The Alvin Maurer Story – by Florence Maurer”

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From “The Alvin Maurer Story – by Florence Maurer”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Alvin G. Maurer was born November 1915 to Martha and John Maurer of the Pleasant Valley district.  They had lived here since 1905.  Alvin received his schooling at the Sargent School, and then took over most of the farm duties.

He married the former Florence E. Nesbitt who was born in May, 1916, and who was the daughter of Isabel and Nelson Nesbitt.  Mr. and Mrs. Nesbitt came to Clive on the north ridge of Pleasant Valley in 1915.  She received her schooling at Eclipse and then left for a few years as a beautician. 

Being born W W I babies, and living through the depression of the 30’s, our sports and social lives were of original being.

Community skating at the John Elliott farm.  Alvin was goalie for the team.  Dancing was our one joy, for fifty cents an evening, singing by the creek with our friends were other things that Alvin excelled at.  One of our most favorite pastimes was eating ice cream at “Mother” Dean’s café.

In 1940 during the W. W. II years we received ration stamps for food and gas; also, at this time were the births of our children.

The supplementing of income consisted of driving caterpillar tractors, breaking land the veterans had purchased in the district, and for the first seismic oil crews over knob hill and the valley filling oil sumps.  Later filing boilers on oil rigs and helping fellow farmers when possible.

We moved to the Village of Clive in 1949…. Florence held the position of postmaster’s assistant for 13 ½ years.  Alvin was contract mail courier for nineteen years, until his passing in 1972.

He has left two children, Thornton….  Sharlene [Tonneson]… four grandchildren, and his wife Florence…[1974]

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