From Hiland H. and Frederick Mann – By Kathleen Mann

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From “Hiland H. and Frederick Mann – By Kathleen Mann”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

It was during the years around the turn of the century that the Canadian West gave an urge to many people for a new venture.  People came from Eastern Canada, United States and many parts of Europe.  Ripley District was one of many formed at this time.

The Mann brothers, Hiland H. and Frederick A. were fortunate to find homesteads in the Ripley District. Uncle Fred had been out as far as Saskatchewan on a “Harvesters Excursion” about 1901…. Also, letters had been received from former Petrolia, Ontario, telling friends of the Lacombe area.  Money and experience were in short supply; but Uncle Fred knew how to harvest a team, and Dad could harness a single horse.  So they pooled their resources and on March 3rd, 1902 headed for Lacombe, North West Territories.

On arrival some six days later, they learned all the land in the Lacombe area had been filed on, and they would have to look elsewhere.   Fortunately, they met a friendly American from Kansas.  He knew of two quarter sections some forty miles around sloughs and through brush, east of Lacombe. Better still, this new friend had good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Barritt, already settled in the area…. In April 1903 Dad filed on the N.W. quarter of S. 32-Twn 39 Rge.22 and Uncle Fred filed on the N.W. quarter….

Logs and cattle barns were erected on each quarter, and livestock and some machinery bought.  Cattle were to be branded….

Breaking the land, tilling, seeding, haying and harvesting and countless other tasks filled each day. Almost before it could be realized the Fall season had arrived.

October saw the reunion of Dad with his wife and two children from Ontario.  Olive, the eldest child did not come West until three years later.  This was an especially happy time for Uncle Fred.  His bride-to-be Miss Phoebe Smith of Petrolia, Ontario came West with Mother, Mark and me…. [They] were married by Dr. George Kirby.

Uncle Fred and Aunt Phoebe had five children…Audrey…Allyn….Marjorie…May…[and] Ira.

Mother and Dad… spent their latter years in Lethbridge.  Mother passed away in 1950 and Dad in 1958.

Of their family of six: Olive…Mark…Kathleen…Isobel…Emmett…[and] Grace.

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