Martens, Peter, Fritz, and Frank.

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From “Peter Martens”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Peter Martens was born in Hamburg, Germany.  He came to the United States in 1901 and worked in several states before coming to Canada in 1908.  He homesteaded in Coronation at the time.  He farmed in the summer and worked in the coal mines in the winter in Edmonton.  He lived in a sod shack till 1913 when he moved 2 granaries together for a house.  In 1913 he was married to Emma Seidel who came from Dresden, Germany.  Mrs. Martens nursed in Dresden before coming to Canada.  In 1915 a son, Fritz, was born.  In 1918 a daughter Charlotte, was born. Mr. Martens moved to the Haynes district in September of the same year to the N.E.1/4, S. 26, T. 38, R.24, W.4. The Martens family stayed with John Carter for one week before moving a tar paper shack on to their own place.  In June of 1920, a son, Frank was born.  There were about 20 acres broken on the farm and 27 sloughs full of ducks and muskrats.  The first two crops were put in by Mrs. Martens driving the wagon and Pete broadcasting the grain and using a pile of brush as a harrow.  The year 1924 was very dry, the weed pile was as large as the grain pile.  The Russells threshed for us several years with the Steamer.  They bought their first radio in October, 1928. In May of 1929 they bought their first car. In 1918 Guss Kriewald came to Alix from coronation.  He bought the Andy Ditto farm.  Guss died about 1922.  Bertha Kriewald was Peter’s sister.  They had one daughter Elsie, born around 1900. Fred Martens, Peter’s brother moved to Haynes with Peter.  He left Haynes in 1921, moving back to Coronation where he died in 1940. 

From “Fritz Martens”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Fritz was born at Coronation in 1915 and moved with his parents in 1918.  He started school in 1922.  He went to the Stone School which was one mile east of where he lived.  Hazel Stewart and Marie Moorhouse were in his grade all through school except for two years when they lived on A. Thomas’ farm.  The big event in 1927 as Picture shows in the Haynes Hall.  In 1933 he bought 143 acres from Bob Russell and a milk cow was the down payment.  He farmed till 1939.  He spent one year working in the Aircraft Plant in Montreal and one year at Boeings in Vancouver.  He spent about 4 years in the army.  After the war he cooked for the C.P.R. and White Lunch Café.  He came back to Haynes in July 1948 and bought the Dick Stewart place and farmed there ‘til 1959 when he moved to B.C.

From “Frank Martens”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Frank was born in June 1920 on the farm one mile north of where he now lives. [1974]  He bought the quarter south of his father’s in 1937 and farmed with his dad until 1943 when Mr. Martens retired.  In 1944 Frank took over his father’s place and lived there until 1954 when he moved to his present location. [1974] S.E.1/4, S26,T38, R24, W.4.  In July 1951 he married Gloria Larson from Onion Lake, Sask.  They have five children, Dwayne…Neil…Gary…Terry and Lori….

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