Marshall Dilts

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From “Marshall Dilts”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Marshall Dilts was born about 1873 and grew up in the corn belt of Iowa. In 1900 he married Catherine Elizabeth Gilbert, sister of Bill Gilbert, and in 1908 they moved to Canada by way of immigration train, unloading their effects in the hamlet of Tees.  They lived for a while on the N.W. ¼ of 15 now [1974] farmed by Bill Hecht.

He later purchased E.1/2 21-39-24-4 in the North Star District from J.L. Jackson and built a log house hear the middle half section.

In 1916 he bought the N. ½ of 22 in the same township from Jay Baker, originally homesteaded by C. Buckley and D.A. Kennedy.  This land was later purchased by Wing Wong and is presently [1974] owned by Stanley Wong.

The Dilts family consists of four sons.  Ralph, the eldest, born in 1903… Rollo born in 1905….Ora born in 1911….[and] Gilbert the youngest was born in 1918.

In the fall o 1920 the Dilts rented the farm to Alex Norquay and moved to the town of Clive, where they bought an acreage near where the old brick school used to stand.

In 1921 the log house burned down and a new one was built the following year.  In 1923 Jim Bates came from Saskatchewan and rented the farm for about two or three years…. In 1925 Vin Carter took over until 1928 or 1929.

By now Ralph and Rollo (Dilts) decided to go back to the farm so they bought a Rumley Oil Pull tractor….and used it along with horses to do their farming. This was the time of the dirty thirties, when times were hard and the skies were dark with blowing dust both day and night.  Consequently, with little or no crops, the boys had to give up after a few years, and went into other businesses….

It was now Mr. Dilts himself who continued on with the farming for a few years, but ….it was rented out to various tenants, one of whom was Dick Waddy who farmed there for several years, then  was sold to Alex Otto and Sons….

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