from “Charlie Chapman” and “John Chapman” by Al Chapman

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From “Charlie Chapman” and “John Chapman” – by Al Chapman

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

“Charlie Chapman”

In 1891, Charlie Chapman arrived in Pleasant Valley from North Battleford.  He homesteaded the NW1/4-16-39-24-W4.  His wife Lil, and daughter Zeta, joined him soon after.  Three children were born at the homestead, Verne, Marjorie, and Lotus.

To supplement his farm income Charlie ran a freight line from Edmonton to the surrounding towns, and on the railroad. In 1896 Charlie and his brother Will bought a number of horses in North Battleford and drove them overland to his homestead at Pleasant Valley.

Charlie purchased his brother John’s homestead, and also three quarters from the C.P.R. in 1902.His death in 1905 caused his family to return to North Battleford, where they resided until moving to Edmonton in 1910.

Charlie was an extraordinary businessman, as he had an interest in two hotels, a freight line, as well as a farm.

His only son Verne joined the Canadian army in 1915.  After discharge from the army, he returned to the family homestead, where he resided periodically.  Verne died in 1962…Marjorie and Lotus both reside in Vancouver [1974]….


“John Chapman”

John Chapman came to Pleasant Valley in 1893 and took out a homestead on NW1/4-16-39-W4.  He and his brother Charlie worked jointly in their many enterprises.  He moved to the Erskine district in 1903, and began the battle of homesteading once again.

He married Caroline Erickson in 1911, and to this union five children were born, Madeline, Al, Horace, Doreen and Marjorie. Madeline and Doreen reside [1974] in Calgary with their families.  Marjorie and family live in Glasgow, Montana.

Al, his wife Eva, and daughter Yvonne moved to the Pleasant Valley homestead in 1936 Two of their children were born there, Gary and Beverlee.  They resided in Pleasant Valley until 1948, when they moved to the home farm at Erskine.  Dianne, their youngest daughter, was born there. Yvonne, Beverlee, and Dianne all reside in Edmonton. [1974] Gary resides on the farm with his father.   Horace, better known as “Pony” farms his homestead and other land south of Erskine.  He married Eileen Ritchie.

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