Dallas Pringle

In Clive AB, Railway, Sargent District, Settlers on December 1, 2019 at 10:20 PM

From “Dallas Pringle – by Ken McLeod”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Mr. Pringle came to the Sargent School district about 1897 and homesteaded on the SE1/4 34-39-24-4 where Mr. and Mrs. Les Hoppus now [1974] live.  He was very successful in farming and before selling out about 1910 he owned thirty-six quarter sections.  Most of his holdings are now [1974] owned and occupied by Veterans of the War of 1939 – 1945.

Mr. Pringle was a bachelor when he first settled on this farm and some great stories used to be told about parties he and his bachelor friends held….

…Dal marr[ied] Miss Ruby Church …about 1904.

Dal was a good community worker and assisted in the building of the Sargent School.  He also took a very active interest in the Village of Clive when he and several other gentlemen succeeded in their fight with the C.P.R. to get that company to recognize Clive as a townsite and stop the train there.

Dal was a very good neighbour to all and I have fond memories of his kindness and thoughtfulness in coming over to our home every Christmas with a twenty-five pound box of candy.

He was one of the first men in the district to own a car.  His first car was a Maxwell which he sold and then purchased a large French car.  They claimed there was only one other like it in all of Canada.

When Mr. and Mrs. Pringle sold out they moved first to Edmonton and from there to the United States where Dal met with a fatal accident….

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