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Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Ewen Alexander MacKinnon was born May 9, 1873 near Dalkeith, Glengarry County, Ontario.  He came to Alberta in 1891, where he joined his sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. R. McLeod. He made a home with them till a house could be built on his nearby homestead, S.W. 2-40-24-4.

Horses were a very important part of homesteading years and Hughie, as he was affectionately called by all who knew him, was, I believe, one of the best horsemen in Alberta.  There was a strong rapport with his horses which worked to the advantage of both.  The first fair ever held in Alix was in late summer of 1909 and Hugh won two first prizes…. It was around that time he sold his homestead in Pleasant Valley and purchased a half section of land from Mr. Frank Mitchell about five miles west of Alix.

On March 28, 1911, he was married to Luella Brown of Alix district.  In 1912 Hugh sold his farm at Alix and purchased a half section of land east of Lacombe, where they moved in May, 1912.  Their first son, Graeme Ewen, was born May 12, 1913. Later the farm at Lacombe was sold and Hugh purchased a half section east of Clive, from Fred Fisher and moved his family there. There was also a daughter, Flora Luella…. Donald John … Hazel Kathleen…. Lachlan Alexander [were] born…. Later they moved to the Alix district where Moira Janice was born….

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