George Stanton Story

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From “George Stanton Story – by Alma (Stanton)Pollock and Edith (Stanton) Pullman” Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Our father, George Albert Stanton, and mother, Esther Ann Stanton, lived in Port Stanley, Ontario.  Gordon, Edith and Mildred were born there by 1900.  Jack was born in Dutton, Ontario.  In 1905 the family decided to come to Alberta. My father took up a homestead near Alix on N.W. ¼ of 28-39-23.  Our family lived in Lacombe for a year, then moved out to a log house with a sod roof.  A year later they built a frame house.  While we lived in Lacombe, William Albert was born in 1905.

Father worked in the butcher shop in Alix for the first years.  Mother and the children looked after the farm while he was away.  During this time Edith and Gordon went to school in Alix.  I, Alma Rose, was born in 1907…. Mrs. Primus brought me into the world.  I was given her name….

In 1908 the settlers applied for a school and it was named Stanton for our family.  It was built in 1909, and my father was a Trustee on the board for a number of years.  We all attended school there.

My brother, Thomas Harry, was born in 1915 and the youngest one, Frances Ann, was born after we went to Edmonton.

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