from “Ludvigsson, John Walter …” by Marg Ludvigsson”

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From “Ludviggsson, John Walter SW1/4 2-40-23-4 and W1/2-13-39-23-4 by Marg Ludvigsson”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

John Walter Ludvigsson was born seventy miles inside the Arctic Circle at Kiruna, Sweden, and came to Canada in 1922 with his father, J. Eric Ludvigsson.  They homesteaded … near Polwarth, Sask., later moving to B.C.  In 1946, they moved to Alix [with] his wife, Marjorie and daughter, Astrid.

They first bought [land] from Carl German, together with eight horses; and Marjorie – once office clerk in Vancouver- became acquainted with hard water, threshing, wonderful neighbours, and judging outside temperature by the height of hoar frost on the inside of the kitchen door….

In 1948 that property was sold to Wm. Code of New Brigden, and the four Ludvigssons bought the W1/2 13-39-23-4 from Fred McGonigal.  Its well had soft water! This farm required tractor power, provided by eighteen years by a Model D John Deere.

J. Eric Lugvigsson passed away in December, 1950….The Ludvigsson family has shared the history of its neighbours: drought and dust storms in 1949 and 1950, and early killing frosts; the devastating hailstorm of July 1953… spring blizzards such as April 27, 1948, and March 15, 1951; the wicked blizzard of December 15, 1964…. The tornado-like hailstorm … in 1971….

Rural electrification came in 1953….

Ludvigssons broke up more land and built a modern house in 1962.

They were one of the few families unrelated to others in the district, until in 1967 Astrid married Malcolm R. (Mickey) Minnick, grandson of the Clarke Minnick that homesteaded the Nebraska School quarter, S.E. ¼ 24-24-4104…. They have a daughter named Alberta.

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