Bebb Family by A. Blair

In Haynes, Pioneer Farming, Settlers on October 17, 2019 at 10:18 AM

From W.N. Bebb by Mrs. Alice Blair

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

William Bebb filed on a homestead on the NW1/4-32-38-W4 in 1901.  Both parents came to this country from Nebraska in 1902 with five of their six children; one stayed in the U.S.A. as she was teaching school.  We settled on a farm seven miles from Lacombe for one year, then we moved to some friends named E. Baxter.  The Baxters lived on the SE-5-39-24-W4th.  We stayed with the Baxter family while my father and neighbours built our house.  Then we moved in and lived there about twenty years, then sold out to our good neighbour, Mr. Casper Maller.  Mr. Maller was a very good friend of ours.  He and my Dad spent many evenings together talking over the first World War events….

My brother Paul had a homestead north and just across from the W. Bebb farm.  On the northwest corner of Paul Bebbs were the Baxters.  Paul Bebb sold his farm to Jerry Evans, and he and his family lived there just west of Haynes.  My father and Mr. Evans Sr. … were both Welsh, and many of their conversations were spoken in that language.

Mr. William Hockin and his wife lived on the farm directly east of our place, and Ed Hockin and family joining his brother’s farm to the south.

The three Bebb girls married three Blair brothers and moved to the Delburne district and when the Bebbs sold out they moved to Delburne where they purchased three quarters of land….

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