Alex and Isabella Anderson – by E. Herbert

In Alix, Alberta on September 12, 2019 at 2:07 PM

From “Alex and Isabella Anderson- by E. Herbert”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Mrs. Anderson, A Scottish World War I bride has been a well-known resident of the Village of Alix for the past forty-five years. [1974] 

She was born Isabella Sutherland of 117 Glasgow, and spent most of her girlhood in Preswick.  She married the late Alex Anderson, who at the time of their courtship and marriage was a member of the 89th Red Deer Battalion serving overseas.

Alex Anderson was born in Scotland and came to this country with his parents.  They settled at Gadsby, Alberta, where they established a family farm, to which Alex brought his bride in 1919.  The young couple purchased a neighbouring farm and made their home on it.  Their daughters, Jean and Isabelle (Mrs. Jack Rhodes), were born in Gadsby.

The Andersons left the farm when Alex became agent for the Alberta wheat Pool in Gadsby.  From there he was moved to Delacour and a few years later he became the first Pool agent in Alix.  They were the first occupants of what was then the A.P. house, now [1974] the home of the Gilbert Giems.

Their eldest daughter Jean died at the age of ten years, and Alex was the victim of a fatal heart attack on July 7th, 1935.

Mrs. Anderson was an active member of the Order of the Eastern Star, is a member of the United Church [1974] and has assisted on many Community projects.  She makes her home …[on] Lake Street.  She enjoys her grandchildren, Moira and Bonnie….

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