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Ironing Clothes: generations have done it!

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Leonard Jaeck Family

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From “Leonard Jaeck – By Clarissa (Jaeck) Wyse”

Pioneers and Progress Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974

My father, Leonard Jaeck, came to Alix in 1901, from Hankinson, North Dakota, U.S.A. to look for land.  Ten months later, Dad was back in North Dakota, to help pack and freight us out to Canada in the fall of 1902.  We lived in one of Billy Brey’s houses at Bullocksville that winter.

My mother’s brother, Clarence age 16 came to Canada with us.  We freighted the furniture out from Lacombe, to Bullocksville…. Dad was twenty-three and Mom was twenty-one….

In the spring of 1903, we settled south west of Alix on the N.E. ¼ of 22-39-23 W.4th.  This was a homestead and later was known as the Foster Place; Darryl McDermand lives there now. [1974]

… We watched Dad and Mom build our log house…. The chinks in the logs were filled with mud.  Dad put a sign on the house, “The House That Jack Built.”

The next year my little brother, Cecil, was born.  He died eight months later as a result of membranous croup.  A year later another baby brother, Gordon, was born he lived to be nearly two years old and was killed in an accident.  Both brothers are buried in Stone’s Cemetery….

There used to be prairie fires in those days.  The grass was so long, and if a fire started it would really burn, and I don’t mean maybe.  The farmers would all be out ploughing furrows.  Sometimes they would be out fighting all night, with wet gunny sacks, having hauled the water in barrels.  One day we were coming home from town and we saw smoke.  My Dad raced the horses home, unhooked and started ploughing.  Neighbours were always ready to help each other….

Walley Jaeck was my uncle.  He lived east of Alix, where the gas plant is.  [1974] He used to go around with his big steam engine, plowing and threshing….

I used to go to school in Alix.  The Gilmouth girls went then, also Osmond and Jean Ennis, Primuses, Walter Sims, a Sheldon girl….  My Dad had a blacksmith shop in Alix in 1910.  They did a lot of shoeing horses then and had a real good business for a few years.

Dad and Mom separated and she married Charlie Carter.  A few years later Dad married a nice girl from Cardiff, Wales….

I married Lawson Wyse.

A Christmas Day Wedding at Alix & a Golden Wedding Anniversary at Mirror

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Alix Free Press Jan. 2, 1931

Historical Storytelling Presentation PLEASE NOTE ERROR: PRICE IS $10 PER TICKET.

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Inkspot 1958 Alix School

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Grade 12

Carroll School District and Lignite from the Alix Free Press Jan. 3, 1913

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Alix Free Press Mirror News-Record Oct. 27, 1933

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Alix Free Press Aug. 4, 1933 Alix Fair Prize List

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Some trophies and plaques from Alix Fairs can be seen at the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum.

Advertisement from the Alix Free Press Jan. 3, 1913 from our newspaper collection

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Alix High School Inkspot 1958

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