The Macey Story – by Andy Macey

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From “The Macey Story – by Andy Macey”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

My father and mother, Steve and Barbara Macey, lived in Czechoslovakia, Europe.  My father was killed in 1918, about two weeks before the end of the First World War.  My brother Mike was two years old.  I was born after my father was killed.  We also had a sister Barbara.

An agent came around promoting Canada.  My mother was so impressed she and three others decided to come over.  She left us three children with our grandmother.  Mother ended up at Gleichen… for four years.  Language was a trial for her but she made out.  She came to Alix where she met and married Fred Bonderchuk.  He wanted the children so he made arrangements for mother to come over to get us and bring us back to Canada.  We arrived here May 29, 1933.

We bought the Fred Hunter place and lived there.  Fred was section foreman at Heatburg and Haynes; he died around 1937 from infection. I had finished schooling in the Old country, as had Mike.  However, Barbara and I went to the Stone School to learn English. I didn’t go long, but Barbara finished her schooling here. Barbara married Howard (Pip) Hamilton…. Mike married Ila Lyn and they had two girls.  He was accidentally shot in 1947.

I married Evelyn Rottenfusser in 1944, and we have three children, Mary…Larry …and Lorna.  We live [1974] on NW ¼ of 23-39-23-W4th Meridian.  I bought it from Mrs. Palmer in 1943….

My mother married John Svitana and he came to live on her farm and did her farming.  Eventually she bought six acres from Sargents and put a small house on it.  She built a new house on the north side of Highway 12 and lived there until she passed away in the fall of 1965….

In Canada in the winter of 1940 or ’41 I was training for a month during the war, the same as so many young men. I remember that Eldon McGonigal, Ray McKibbin, Irving Peterson, Joe Vogal, Walter Buelow and I were in training at the same time.

Evelyn remembers – Andy wanted some bread like his mother made.  So she tried to make it.  She was a bit green about it and didn’t keep it warm enough with the result that it didn’t rise.  Rather than be teased by her husband she buried it behind the building.  Later she looked and the bread had finally raised, dirt and all.

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