From the O. Berg Family – by Granddaughter Nellie Morris

In 1930s Depression, Alix, Alberta, Pioneer Farming, Stanton on June 27, 2019 at 1:49 AM

The O. Berg Family – by Granddaughter Nellie Morris

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Both Mr. and Mrs. Berg were born in Norway.  Before coming to Alix, they farmed in Washington where their family attended school.  They came to Alix District in April, 1914, settling on the N.E. ¼ of 25-39-24.

They bought this land from Mrs. Shuell that spring.  Their two youngest children Sophia and Charlie attended the Stanton School. 

It wasn’t very long after they arrived in Alix that Mrs. Berg became known as Grandma Berg. … She was always willing to help a neighbour and many a time she could be found helping a new arrival into the world.  One time I recall her telling me about a Mrs. Haney who was expecting and having difficulty.  Grandma Berg was called on and when she found that the baby wasn’t coming, she filled two good sized pails with coal and instructed Mrs. Haney to walk back and forth across the floor carrying these pails.  Mr. Haney was sure she couldn’t, but Grandma had different ideas.  The baby was born with no ill effects to either Mother or baby and without help from a doctor.

Times were hard and when the Bergs’ second daughter, Jennie, along with her husband, Archie Burdick, came in August 1914, Jennie remembers, the frozen potatoes, rabbits and partridges which they had to eat.  Luckily, they were plentiful.

The land that Mr. Berg bought was mostly brush.  Archie helped to clear some of it and the Bergs’ two sons, Otis and Harry, broke the land.  The first employment Archie had was with Mr. Ed Gessleman.  The Burdicks’ only child, Nellie, was born on the Berg farm on December 25, 1914.

The Bergs’ oldest daughter, Ida Hastings, came from the States in the 1920’s and they lived in the Alix area for a while.

Grandma Berg was a thrifty person.  I can remember that when there was any broken crockery or dishes, she would pound them into little bits of pieces like gravel and feed it to her chickens, in this way the hens got their extra grit and the egg shells were hard.  She was an ardent gardener.  In later years, her hobby was making log cabin quilts…

Grandpa Berg passed away May 21, 1940 and Grandma on October 18, 1954.

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