Miss Edgar and Miss Green

In Alix, Alberta, Churches, Pioneer Farming on May 22, 2019 at 4:31 PM

From “Miss W. Edgar and Miss Green – By B. Parlby”

Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Winnifred Edgar and her mother came to Canada in 1919 on a visit to Winnie’s cousins, the Harold Edgars of Alix and her uncle, F.W. Fewkes of Gadsby Lake.  Their home was in northern England….

Winnie … came again in the 20’s when she made Canada her home.  About 1923 or 24 she lived with the Walter Parlbys, helping Mrs. Parlby who was very busy in politics at that time.  In the late twenties, Miss Edgar was joined by Miss Green who had also come out from England and they farmed together on Comra, the place previously owned by Miss Marryat and Miss Reed on Yo Lake, just north of Haunted Lakes….. [T]hey were very active helpers in the Anglican Guild, St. Pancras Sunday School and the U.F.W.A.

MISS Edgar and Miss Green specialized in poultry raising and kept a few goats….

…[A]bout 1934, they sold the farm to Arnold Lyle and returned to raise poultry in the Isle of Wight.    But Canada’s attraction was too great and war clouds were threatening so back they came to the town of Alix where they bought Andy Allan’s house on the corner south of St. Pancras Church. 

These were the years the two maiden ladies …organiz[ed] a Sunday School in the Parish Hall and kindergarten in their home during the week.  After the war ended… they taught in the mission schools of Kinsote and Birch River in Manitoba in 1948 and 49, and in 1952 friends heard from them when they were passing through the Panama Canal on a trip home to England.

Back to Canada in 1953, and only in Alix for a short time before they left for the west coast and Alert Bay where they taught for some years.

After this, they returned to England for the last time.

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