Early Businesses in Alix

In Alix, Alberta, Business on May 22, 2019 at 9:45 AM

From “Early History of Alix

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Hudkins, EL Trickey, Nix, Lane, Wiggins, Vergrow, Rouse Wong, Holsworth, Repka, Lundy Henkel, Repka, Peacock, Picard, Deen

Harry Hudkins was the popular blacksmith whose shop was situated on the east side of Main Street approximately where the Bank and Liquor Store are today. [1974]  He manufactured the famous Hudkins Breaking Plough.  There was a … laundry where Ed Jennings house is now. [1974]

E.L. Trickey opened at store on the east side of Main Street.  He sold, out to A.E. Nix and took over the Frederick store.  This was later operated by Peacock and Picard, then Lane, Wiggins, later Vergrow and finally, Rouse Bros.  The building was taken over by Gene and Jessie Deen who ran a café.  One night in 1955, a fire completely destroyed the place.

A.E. Nix operated his bakery until the outbreak of the first World War when he enlisted and sold out to Jimmy Wong, who kept a grocery store. Later Jimmy’s nephew, Eddie, came in with him and the business became Wong Loon and Co.  In 1945 they sold out to Holsworths (Eston and John) who enlarged and renovated the place….  The Holsworths sold out to Orest Repka in October, 1973.

Angus Lundy ran the Drug Store during the war.  Later in 1948 he bought the Economy Store and later sold to Henkels in 1962.

The village had more than its share of fires…. In 1907 the Campbells Store and Dr. Wilson’s Drug Store burned to the ground.  In 1928, Thompson’s Hardware, the Union Bank, the first Post Office, the Pool Hall and the dance hall went down.  In December 1927 Jennings’ Garage burned, but he immediately rebuilt…In October 1972 … the old Red and White Store of over seventy years’ use went up in flames.  Johnny Anderson’s Service Station and small store was destroyed by fire in 1965 but was quickly replaced.

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