from “The Walter Andersen Story – by Mrs. Andersen”

In 1930s Depression, Haynes, Pioneer Farming on April 18, 2019 at 11:27 PM

From “The Walter Andersen Story – by Mrs. Andersen”

We, Walter, Doris and daughter Evelyn Andersen, came to the Haynes district in November, 1936.  The Seal farm was being vacated by Corey Lakeman and family, who moved nearer Clive.

Our town was Chinook….

Walter’s relatives, the Fred Hobson family, moved to Tees… After our first visit to them on their farm we became interested in the north country.  It was beautiful there in June.  We were glad to hear we could rent a farm.  Most of our friends had moved north by then.

We had known Marion Jordan when he was agent at Chinook and found he was the C.N.R. agent at Haynes, so they helped us get acquainted, also the Ernest Seeger family were friends of ours before they came to the Sargent district, so we knew some people.

The first year wasn’t very lucky.  Our cows all died from eating a poison weed that came up early.  We had hoped to get a start in cattle, but we ended up buying a milk cow.  She later on had twin calves.  Walter Bredo’s threshing crew just got started nicely on our fields when snow came early and our grain had to stay out all winter.  We had a good garden and put away lots of vegetables and potatoes in our cellar; and the wild raspberries and saskatoons I had canned were a real treat, so we still weren’t discouraged, and liked our home.

Evelyn liked her school, and also went to Sunday School; with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Claxton….

The second year, our big barn was demolished by a freak windstorm…. We went to dances and concerts in Tees as well as Haynes, and enjoyed many good times….

Our last two years were spent in the town of Haynes.  We rented the Manse after having an auction sale in the fall.  Walter kept some machinery and did custom work for the farmers.  Evelyn finished school at Hopedale, and she and Doris Daly went on to Red Deer High.

We left in February, 1946, for San Diego….

From Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

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