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Alix School Grad 1957

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from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

Items from the Tool Room

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Cobbler’s Tools

A Book from the Museum’s Collection

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Baldwin was an MP from Peace River.  This book covers many Alberta cases from kidnapping, to having rapeseed classified as a grain, freight rates, to the Official Secrets Act.


Alix School Garden Show 1969

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Alix Wagon Wheel Museum has information about the school gardens and Horticulture Club

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The Canadian Order of Foresters

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From “The Canadian Order of Foresters” by John Rottenfusser

Court Meadow No. 1576 was organized by Mr. William Duffel of Calgary, District Manager, on August 23rd, 1932 in the office of the creamery, thus arriving the name Court Meadow from the Meadow creamery.  The charter members who organized this purely Canadian Fraternal Order are as follows: Leonard Siddons, Duncan Wilton, John Ditto, Bert Housen, N.A. Larson, Peter Marryat, Dennis Marryat, Leonard Johnson, Wilfred McMahon, Douglas McCallam, Hugh Housen, John Crews, and W.A. Hallet.  Leonard Siddons was the first Chief Ranger and at this first meeting organized an annual dance….

The Ladies of the Canadian Order of Foresters was organized by Mr. John Rottenfusser, District Manager, on August 27th, 1954.  Charter members were Nora Carter, Orma Hanes, Luella Parsons, Evelyn Macey, Agatha Mc Gregor, Elva Sim, Dorothy Mann, Barbara Hopkins, Kathleen Helfrick, Rhoda Ferguson, Betty Ann Bell, Elizabeth Walker, Margaret Thirjman, Ruth Anderson Maisie MacGregor, Eva Mellick, Ludwena Walton, Edith Marie Booth, Lois Boe, Joan Weis, Alice Rottenfusser, Gwendolyn Jarvis, Violet Olson, Helen Casson, Justina Naschuk, and Mary E. Walton….

It has been an active group through the years taking part in various activities.  In March 1973, they won the Dominion Foresters curling championship at Goderich, Ontario.  Skip was Shirley Mattie, 3rd May Menage, 2nd Gwen Jarvis, lead Rose Straub.

This article is from the book Pioneers and Progress, a history of the Alix-Clive area printed in 1974by DW Friesen and Sons Ltd., Calgary.  Copies of it and of its follow-up Gleanings are available for sale at the Alix Public Library, Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, and Alix Home Hardware.


School Garden Rules

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The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum has more information about school gardens – and many other topics.

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Adolph and Olive Mattie

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From “Adolph and Olive Mattie – by B.M. Walker”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club. 1974

Adolph W. Mattie and wife, Olive, moved in April 1929 from New Norway, Alberta to the Sparrowhawk farm south and east of Alix.  At the time they had four boys and four girls.  One more boy was born in 1932.  The children of school age attended the Carroll School for one year.  The next year all went to Nevis where the older children could attend High School.  This was during the depression of the thirties.  It seemed hard to get enough of anything to get by. There was food but no choice.  Many a good dinner started out with wild rabbit and, with a few vegetables added, we all felt satisfied.…

For three years the Matties lived here and then moved to the Ike Sweet farm south of Alix.  The school age children attended the Stone school.  The two older boys used to study high school subjects all year in their spare time and write them off in June.  In this way they could help at home and even assist some neighbour who needed help.  Prices were low, eggs being five cents a dozen when we took them to town.  In those days the Municipality paid for crow and magpie feet and eggs and it seemed the boys got more for their crow eggs than their mothers got for hen eggs.  At one time, “Pop” Mattie (as he was called by many) sold a cow with a good sized calf for $10.00….

After five years, the Matties purchased the Bill Kraft farm south and west of Alix.  The three youngest Matties attended the Stanton School, later went to Alix High School….

In June 1940, Chester Mattie was drowned south of Alix in the Red Deer River.  In December 1943 Adolph Mattie passed away and in August 1944, Frederic Mattie was killed in action in France.  Mrs. Olive Mattie Brown passed away in 1967.  Oliver Mattie purchased the old family farm and lives there now[1974] with his wife, Shirley, and their six children.