Moving to Hudson Bay Land excerpted from “John Rottenfusser”

In Alix, Alberta, Pioneer Farming, Settlers on December 28, 2018 at 11:41 AM

From “John Rottenfusser”

Pioneers and Progress, Alix-Clive Historical Club 1974

The Rottenfusser Bros., Albert and John, moved into the Carroll district 0n May 4th, 1940 onto Hudson Bay land.  No buildings, no corrals of any kind.  We spent the first night sleeping under a tree, later nicknamed “The Apple Tree”, and the site for the cottage which was to be moved later.  The next day we finished moving the granary which required three sets of skids to bring it from Stettler to our new farm.  This was home, grain bin, harness room and all.

That fall we moved a cottage from Rochon sands to the farm.  This is a part of the present house [1974].  It took us fourteen days with wagon and horses to make the move.  To move the house up the sand hill north to the present site required fourteen head of horses, Dewald’s tractor and a block and tackle borrowed from Mr. Olson….

Now that we had a house on the land, we journeyed back to north east of Stettler to get our cattle and other belongings.  In the time we were loading a storm hit bringing cold winds and snow.  On the morning we started back to alix, Albert was driving six horses on two wagons, another team hitched to a wagon trailing behind.  Vernon and I herded the cattle and loose horses.  This trip took two days The first night we stopped … keeping warm by the campfire.  The next day onto Alix and home.  With no barn, all the stock was turned out to a straw stack….

Albert joined the Air Force (Military Police), returning in 1946.  I was married in 1944 to Alice Brown….We have two children, Orma … and Maurice.

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