Westling School

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From “Westling School No. 556”

From Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

The first official minutes we have of this area is January 30, 1901 when Wm. Henry was appointed chairman at a school board meeting.  Erick Westling was appointed Secretary-Treasurer and W.B. Mitchell, director.  In February another meeting was held and it was decided to build a school and raise the money by debenture, its location to be on northeast corner of the N.E. ¼ 18-41-21-W4. The land itself was donated by Mr. Forcht.  The debenture was for $600.00 with interest not more than 7% to be repaid in ten equal annual installments.  Later that year at a general meeting, Fred Henry was elected to take the place of M. Mitchell, and Griffin A. Meadows was also elected.  The lumber for a building 20 x 26 feet was purchased from the Co-op company in Lacombe for the sum of $235.00 Fred Westling’s tender was accepted as carpenter.

John Cline was paid $19.00 for delivery of 20 cords of wood to the new school house and the trustees ordered a map of the United States and one of the North West Territories for use in the school.

At a board meeting in 1902, Miss Jean Short was hired as a teacher for a ten-month term at $45.00 a month.   She boarded at the Hartle farm.  The janitor received 50 cents a week and L. Forcht got $4.00 for painting the school building.  The taxes at this time were $4.00 a quarter section.  In 1905 this was raised to $6.40 a quarter with 8% deducted if paid in 30 days.

In July 1903, Mr. Lawrence Cowan was hired as teacher at $50.00 dollars a month.  In 1907, plans were made to build a barn for the children’s horses.  In 1909 the school year was established to consist of an eight-month term, September [through] December [and] March [through] June.  Mrs. Allison, teacher at the time, was paid $65.00 a month for 8 months.

In 1910, as the school was crowded, money was borrowed to build 1o feet onto its length.

About 1943 it was decided to build a new school.  Part of the original school house is at the Westling Museum, as is the school clock bought in 1902 for $6.50.  The teacherage was bought by Lloyd Grose.  The following is a list of trustees from 1901 to 1926: Erick Westling, Wm. Henry, W.B. Mitchell, Griffin A. Meadows, Fred Henry, John Cline, Olaf Strandberg, W, Forcht, C.F. Thompson, Wm. Talentyre, L.A. Larrance, Geo. Hartle, S.M. Lindemood, Art.Strandberg, L.R. Forcht, J. Spink, E. Jeglum, E. Bennett, Astor Strandberg, R.H. Haskins, W, H. Sommerville and Dave Spink.

Teachers, as far as the records show, were: Miss short, 1902; Mr. L. Cowan, 1903; Mrs. Will Allison, 1907; Miss Annie Reynolds, 1909; Mr. Harold Simpson, 1911; Mrs. Jane Sage, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Sutherland, Mrs. W. H. Somerville, Miss Peterson, Mrs. A. Davis, Miss Caine, Mrs. Keene, Mrs. Illsley, C.J. Williams, Miss Ruby Henn, Miss Lois Pye, Nellie McLean, Mrs. Ray Harris, M.J. Baker, Mabel Dowling, Mrs. Ringsage, Winnifred Johnson, Irene G. Walton, Dorothea Allison, Vic Winters, Don Scot, Miss Eabie, Mrs. Vergil Neis, Dot Bugler, Mabel Mappin, Dorothy Percifield, Mrs. Turnbull, Elizabeth Reimer, Jean Hill, Velma Hockenhull, E.M. Metz, Marge Davidson, Marian Grose, Mrs. Anderson, and J. Weenick.

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