Launching of Gleanings- 1981

In Alix, Alberta on August 6, 2018 at 2:58 PM

Check out our second edition of “Pioneers and Progress”. Below is a written appreciation for the work that was put into “Gleanings”.

The reprinting of Pioneers and Progress is dedicated to the many people who worked for so many hours to make this book possible. First of all a committee, known as the Alix-Clive History Club, was formed. The executives of the club were, President- H.M Parlby, Vice President- William Pethybridge, Secretary- Mrs. E.M Sommerville, Treasurer- Dave McDermand. Mrs. Beatrice Parlby was the editor with Mrs. Alice Nielson- Assistant Editor now was the job of asking more people from Alix and Clive to start collecting stories, interviewing people for their family stories, typing stories. This job was a real challenge but everyone as eager to get this history book done. We would like to mention the names of those who were in the History Club. Howard and Iona Thomas, Marg Tiegler, Jean Randall, Steve and Lavina Bavender, Marj Ludvigson, Eileen Dancer, Alice Whitfield, Jim and Ray Archibald, Eve Keates, Gladys McDermand, Dolly Walker, Shiela Senecal and the Arnold Walters Family, who submitted the title, “Pioneers and Progress”. Also the cover of the book was designed by Sheila Senecal.

Some of the people who typed out stories were Janice Thomas, Alice Nielsen, Rennie Keates, Edith Holsworth, Susan Parlby, just to mention a few. Proofreaders were all of the people interviewed in the Alix-Clive History Club.

Eventhough so many have passed away we are so grateful for all their hard work.

We owe Eve Keats and all her associates a big thank you for all the hours of organizing they have done.

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