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Part 2 From “Bonham Family Corrections – by Hazel (Bonham) Wold”

John Bonham married Charlotte (Lottie) McDermand … in May 1905, the year the territory became the Province of Alberta….  I was born in the William Bonham homestead house in May, 1906….

… after my father and grandfather “proved up” and had title to their farms, William my grandfather got “itchy feet” as was his way…. …So he persuaded my father to sell the land and we all went back to Kansas City, Kansas, to visit his older son Ezra who was a stone mason and contractor there.  He had a family of three girls and two boys.  It was William’s intention to stay in Kansas.  However William’s wife was a semi-invalid by this time and my mother looked after her.  The doctor in the city advised William to take her back to a cooler climate.  … so in the spring of 1910 we all came back to Alix.

We rented a farm from Richard Sargent Sr. for a time and my father did repair work in the corner of Charlie Woolgar’s blacksmith shop…. When my grandfather passed away we moved to a house across the road from the Sims plac4e, and my father devoted all his time to repair and machine work.

John had the third car in Alix, a “Hup Roadster”.…  He had a thoroughbred trotting horse he brought back from Kansas City, and he would take all the prizes at the town fair with “Billy”, his pride and joy.

Then about 1918 Ezra Bonham came to Alix along with his youngest son Arthur.  They stayed with us for a time and did carpentry and cement work.

Then when my father bought the house in town by Davey Melvin’s, Uncle Ezra and Arthur built two rooms on it and we all moved to town….

My father built a machine shop on the adjoining lot and quit farming, save in the fall when he would run the tractor for H.H. Hickling during threshing….

I of course got all my schooling at Alix grade school.  It was a Consolidated School then, having taken in Open Valley School District, and those children were brought to school in a horse-drawn van.  ….

On the death of my parents within two years of each other I sold the home and machine shop to Geoffrey Parlby.

Excerpted from Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix-Clive Historical Club 1981.

This book is available at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum and Alix Home Hardware.


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