Morgan and Artise Daniels

In Alix, Alberta, Boy Scouts, Pioneer Farming on March 19, 2018 at 9:54 AM

From “The Morgan Daniels Story – by Artise Daniels”

Morgan was born on the S.W. ¼ of 20-40-23 at Tees, Alberta, and took his schooling at Tees.

He was in the Armed Services in World War II, along with his brothers Alvie and Luther, and sister Martha.  After returning home he and his parents purchased the S.E.1/4 8-40-23 and the S.W.1/4 8-40-23.

He married Artise Chiswell, a Lacombe girl, on October 10, 1952.  During our farming career, two little helpers, Arlyne and Keith, arrived.

To Supplement our farm income Morgan worked part time for several Alix business men, C. Smith, J. Hennel, I. Peterson, and Art Mehle.

In the fall of 1964 we purchased a home in Alix and here remained for another seven years.  In 1965, another helper, Lorne, arrived to complete our family.

Life became more active one winter when Morgan and his sixteen Boy Scouts decided to build a boat for a project, and launch it on the Red Deer River, come summer.  When the big day arrived they were assisted by K. Keeton and Ron Martynuik; Bill Gould was the bus driver to the portage and exit points.  The boat floated, and the boys enjoyed their day on the river.

In May of 1971 we moved to Edmonton….

This article is excerpted from Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix -Clive Historical  Club, 1981.  The book is available for sale at the Alix Home Hardware and the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum.


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