Sheila Marryat

In Alix, Alberta, Museums, Pioneer Farming on March 1, 2018 at 9:54 AM

Sheila Marryat

The Marryat Flower Garden  –  From “Things I Remember – by Ella Jane Jewell”

One of my early memories is of an afternoon spent in colonel Marryat’s lovely flower garden.  I wasn’t old enough to go to school, and the columbines were as tall as I was.  There were little gravel paths edged with stones, and I remember Sheila telling me how her father hauled them from the lake and that the flower seeds came from England.  It was the first beautiful flower garden I had ever seen, and I was delighted when we were given little seedling plants and went home to start a flower garden of our own.  The flowers I saw that day are still favorites, and are in my garden.

How I envied the girls old enough to be “Camp Fire Girls” when Sheila Marryat and Jean Reid started the girls’ club.  Many of the meetings were held in our home as it was centrally located.  Sheila was a lovely girl and always found time to say a few kind words to me.

From “Memories of Manadon” by Beatrice Parlby

Sheila Marryat, who was the first radio secretary for C.K.U.A., often came for weekends.  There was always a warm bond between Irene Parlby, the eldest of the large Marryat family, and Sheila, the youngest.  One afternoon, Sheila and Miss Reid were coming from Edmonton by train.  On the way out from Lacombe, the brakie, who used to call out, “A – lix! A – lix! Next station, A – lix! Next station!”, stopped to chat just as the train was passing the hay meadows.

“You’ll soon see the Honorable Lady’s house! In just a few minutes!”

Sheila thanked him, but didn’t mention that the “Honorable Lady” was her big sister….


Both excerpts were taken from Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1981, available at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum and Alix Home Hardware.

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