Walter Kozdrowicki

In Alix, Alberta, Pioneer Farming, Settlers on February 16, 2018 at 11:22 AM

From  Walter Kozdrowicki” – by M. Ludvigsson

Walter Kozdrowicki  was charged by his big Shorthorn bull one day by walking across his field son the W1/2 35-39-23 W4th, and no shelter was near except a hayrake by a slough.  Seizing the implement’s tongue, Walter manoeuvered it to keep the tines between himself and the bull, and in due course, the animal butted and pushed the hayrake the quarter mile or so to the fence and Walter’s safety.  Just one of the adventures of his life.

Walter Kozdrowicki had come to Canada from Poland via France, working in the French coal mines for over a year….

In 1937, Walter bought the Alix farm, and brought to it his wife, Amelia, and son, Eddie.  They were good farmers and good neighbours.  Eddie grew to become a college professor…. Amelia died in 1958….

In 1960, Walter married Annie Nasschuk, widow of John Nasschuk.  The Nasschuk family had once farmed in the Haynes district, then moved to Ardley, and had one son and three daughters….

Walter and Annie Kozdrowicki sold their farm to Harold (Hoddy) Walper in 1964 and moved into Alix.  A year later they moved to Calgary.

This article is from the book Pioneers and Progress, a history of the Alix-Clive area printed in 1974 by DW Friesen and Sons Ltd., Calgary.  Copies of it and of its follow-up Gleanings are available for sale at the Alix Public Library, Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, and Alix Home Hardware.


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