excerpt from “Alix Hotels and Hotel Keepers – by M.L. Ludvigsson”.

In Alix, Alberta, Settkers on December 11, 2017 at 12:11 PM

From “Alix Hotels and Hotel Keepers – by M.L. Ludvigsson”

Excerpted from Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1981.

The present Alix Hotel has been part of the Alix scene since it was built in 1904, which was before the C.P.R. came to Alix.  It was then called the Imperial Hotel, and managed by William Spurrell.  In 1911, the proprietor was “Dad” Lee, and “Maw” Garrett was the cook.

The Grand Hotel was built about the same time, on the spot where St. Rita’s Catholic Church [stood].  In 1911 it was a two-storied building with twenty-two bedrooms upstairs.  Downstairs there was a long hallway and parlor, a kitchen … a dining room, waiting room and a bar.

George and Lulu Bell ran it about two years, selling it in 1911 to a Mr. King, who in 1914 sold it to Mr. Frisch.  Daughter, Freda Frisch, worked in the Post Office, and daughter, Minnie, in the Creamery.  The Frisch family left soon after prohibition came in, and the hotel stood vacant until a farmer bought it and tore it down…..

There was also the metal-sheathed Hotel Nelson across Main Street from the Alix Hotel.  For many years the proprietors were Ray and Stella (nee Garrett) Baker whose son is named Garth.  The Hotel Nelson was later acquired by the Alix Hotel and demolished in the early Seventies after Eric and Roberta Sissons purchased the hotels….

Rev. Louis Mott, the first resident Anglican minister, held church services in the Imperial Hotel before the original St. Pancras Anglican Church was built.

Mrs. Alice Bearchell’s story tells that her father, Thomas John Curr, had the Imperial Hotel for a time during the early days, and lost it in a poker game.

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